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5 Things Night Color 2.0 Can Do

By | November 5, 2021

Jennifer Hackenburg
Product Marketing Director

Low-light security cameras have come a long way since standard Infrared (IR) LEDs were introduced as a way of capturing better images at night. Thanks to Dahua’s low-light technology such as Starlight and Night Color it is now possible to see full-color images in dark environments. With our next generation Night Color 2.0 IP cameras, we take low-light security a step further with an even larger lens aperture so that more than double the light can pass through for increased full-color visibility in low-light scenes.

1. Save on Bandwidth and Storage with AI Coding

Night Color 2.0 cameras feature a new AI Coding function for an even higher savings on bandwidth and storage. AI Coding puts recording emphasis on human or vehicular objects in the video scene. This technology, based on constant bit rate (CBR), dynamically allocates increased bit rate to the target object while reducing the bit rate allocated to background objects. AI Coding reduces bit rate and storage requirements by up to 25% when compared to the H.265 video compression standard so you can store more data without overwriting it as soon. For example when recording video for the new 8MP Night Color 2.0 camera at 30fps, H.265 plus AI Coding lets you store 253 days using a 4TB HDD as compared to 190 days with standard H.265.

2. Provide Full Color, 4K Images in the Dark

The N85EFN2 bullet model incorporates an f1.0 aperture to present vivid color and ultra-high definition details in poorly lit environments down to 0.0005 lux. Compared to a conventional 8MP low-light camera, the N85EFN2 images are 42% brighter and the signal-to-noise ratio is 400% greater, yielding clearer images. Night Color 2.0 cameras with 4K resolution offer granular details without the need for IR illumination, which can sometimes  obscure details from reflective surfaces.

3. Save Installation Time with Motorized Zoom Lens and Auto Focus

The Dome (N45EYNZ) and the bullet (N45EFNZ) models incorporate a motorized, vari-focal lens (2.7mm to 12mm) with auto-focus that suits multiple applications and reduces installation and labor time. Thanks to the ability to commission cameras remotely, time and money can be saved compared to having to shut down lanes with a bucket truck to make additional adjustments or physically having to return to the site to climb up and down a ladder. In fact, remote commissioning helps to minimize resource utilization especially when travel may not be realistic. With clear image details even after zooming in, these models work just as well in wide-angle, outdoor spaces as they do in narrow, indoor spaces.

4. Search for Specific Colors, Even in Nighttime Footage

Night Color 2.0 network cameras integrate with Dahua’s 5-I/L series NVR for advanced search capabilities. One application would be to search for autos with a particular paint color in images taken at night.

5. Use Different Analytics at Different Times of Day

A new function, AI Schedule, lets users set different analytics operations for use at different times of the day and install one camera where they may have previously needed two. For example, a retail store manager may set the camera to run people counting functions during the day, monitoring store capacity and collecting data for store operations. At night, the manager may activate the perimeter protection feature to protect the store from intruders.

To learn more about Night Color 2.0, visit our new landing page.

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