Success Stories

Dahua’s team of over 5,000 R&D engineers continually innovates new products and technologies in the physical security industry. Learn how customers integrated Dahua systems from our success stories below.

Quickly-Growing Cannabis Market Meets State Regs and Improves Security With Dahua Solution

The cannabis industry in the United States has grown drastically since 1996, when California became the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use. By 2019, thirty-three states had followed suit, eleven of them also allowing recreational use. This complex industry requires that cannabis business owners navigate municipal, state, and federal law to ensure compliance across a variety of requirements. High-performing video surveillance is crucial due to the expensive assets inherent to the industry and required by government regulations as well.

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Dahua Supports the Community by Helping YMCA Update Security Solution

A wide-ranging nonprofit with more than a century of history, the YMCA has been a fixture in the United States since 1851. Their commitment to youth development, social responsibility, and healthy living has benefitted over 10,000 neighborhoods across the country. Their mission to bring resources to all members of the community means that the operating budgets of regional branches must sometimes prioritize local needs before investing in physical security.

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Dahua Helps Retail Operations Run Smoothly

Video surveillance is a must-have for any retail environment, both to deter against theft and to ensure the integrity of Point of Sale (POS) transactions. Shrewd retailers will quickly realize that their video surveillance system gives them a greater return on investment when used for day-to-day operations in addition to security.

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Dahua’s Video Surveillance Solution Delivers Superior Situational Awareness for Victims Center

The Faces of Hope Victims Center is on a mission to reduce this victimization with a safety net of crisis services. Located in Boise, ID., Faces of Hope provides a safe haven, where those affected by any type of interpersonal violence can come to receive help without judgment, waitlists or fees. Through a single door, the specialized multi-disciplinary team wraps around an individual or family and provides crisis-intervention services to stabilize them.

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Cutting-Edge Bird Watching: Dahua Donates Camera to Bald Eagle Habitat

Video surveillance is used for more than just safety and security: users are discovering that high-resolution images and user-friendly features make surveillance cameras a valuable asset for all sorts of applications. A cattle ranch in Manatee County, Florida found that a Dahua PTZ was the perfect way to observe eagles without disturbing their habitat.

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Dahua Networked Solution Bridges Security Gap for Compton School Police Department

Headquartered in a designated facility, the Compton Unified School District (USD) Police Department is committed to providing a safe and secure educational environment for students, staff, and parents. It strives to prevent criminal or delinquent behavior that has a negative impact on the educational process within the school district.

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Dahua Technology Cameras Provide Winning Video Surveillance Solution for 2016 Rio Summer Olympics

When the Olympic Games come to town, the welfare of people and property are of paramount importance in both the planning process and during the event. The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro draws 500,000 foreign visitors and sells $7.5 million tickets.

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Helping The Helpers: Dahua Technology USA Provides Security Solution for Local Charity Thrift Store

Dahua provides the need for a video surveillance system at Upscale Resale and responded by donating a total security solution to the thrift store. CRB Security Solutions stepped up by offering to install the system free of cost.

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Dahua Technology Provides Hsi Lai Temple with End-To-End Video Surveillance System

Solutions from Dahua Ensure Security for Visitors to “7th Wonder of the Buddhist World”

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