Intelligent Solutions for: Retail

A key reason retailers implement a video surveillance system is for loss prevention. However, while surveillance cameras were once reserved for security purposes, they can now provide business intelligence information that helps improve operational efficiency and store planning.

Additionally, retail business owners can use their video surveillance footage to analyze how customers move throughout the store such as where they spend the most time and which areas get the most traffic.

They can also review footage to determine which areas are causing “bottle necks” which result in foot traffic congestion and inefficiency.

Shop Security

Loss Prevention

Intelligent Management

Doing more with less is a common theme nowadays. Often associates are required to multi-task while also serving customers. Dahua offers a range of products that not only help with surveillance but can help managers make better business decisions, increase store efficiency and provide shoppers with a better customer experience.

The Dahua Retail Solution Offers:

  • Instant alerts on your mobile device when a customer approaches the counter so employees can work in other areas of the store while waiting for guests.
  • The ability to monitor employee efficiency during the checkout process.
  • Notification when lines become backed up so additional employees can assist customers for a faster checkout process.
  • An overview of customer traffic patterns so bottle necks can be addressed.

Stock Room

A single sensor IR camera captures activity once the lights go out to deter employee theft.

Management Office

A 16-CH NVR records activity.

Store Floor

A fisheye camera provides a full overview without blind spots of who is coming and going.

Checkout Counter

Ultra-high definition 4K resolution cameras provide detailed images for transaction verification. Plus a fisheye camera can provide an alert when lines become long so additional employees can add assistance.


Fisheye 360º cameras keep an eye on products, customers, and employees, advanced people counting and heat map provides analytics for growing a business.

Parking Lot

Multi-sensor 180º panoramic cameras increase situational awareness over a larger area without installing multiple cameras.

Featured Retail Products

  • 2 MP HDMI Public Viewing Monitor Solution

  • 2MP 12x PTZ

  • 3MP Dual-sensor StereoVision People Counting Camera

  • 4MP Color 3.6mm ePoE Dome Camera with Night Color Technology

  • 4MP Starlight Mini Network PTZ with Analytics+

  • 4MP Starlight Vari-focal Network Dome Camera

  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Dome

  • 5MP 5-in-1 Network Dome Camera

  • 8MP IR 360° Panoramic Network Fisheye with Analytics+

  • EOL: 12MP IR 360° Panoramic Network Fisheye with Analytics+

  • EOL: 2x2MP IR Dual-sensor Dome Network Camera

  • EOL: 55-in. Floor-standing Digital Signage

  • Multi-flex™ 4x2MP Network Camera

  • Thermal Temperature Station