Intelligent Solutions for: Education

The security industry’s focus in the education — K-12 & university verticals is maintaining a safe and secure environment, by balancing the need to protect students, staff, and property with the desire to create an open environment that remains conducive to learning. On the surface, a school’s mission seems quite clear — to teach, to nurture, to inspire. In these settings, students should be free to explore the world around them. Teachers, books, and supplies are all imperative to help achieve these objectives. And, just as important is a safe and secure environment.

School Security

Campus Management


Dahua strives to address the security needs of many types of facilities, including schools, by pairing innovative surveillance equipment and access control technologies with practical applications. Because security should provide peace of mind and a feeling of freedom, these solutions should not be top of mind for everyday users, but quick and easy to use if or when they are needed.

As schools continue to face new challenges, they must also educate themselves with information to meet those changes. New technology can support their safety needs and budgetary requirements with technologies like HD Over Coax and Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE):

  • HD Over Coax — A true plug-and-play approach that enables HD video surveillance without the hassle and expense of ripping and replacing legacy coax cabling, without any sacrifice in performance, and without costly downtime
  • ePoE Technology — Dahua’s patented Enhanced Power Over Ethernet (ePoE) product line offers cameras, switches, and NVRs which can be used as standalone PoE ONVIF devices, as a combined solution for increased distances over UTP without repeaters or as part of a solution to convert existing coax (RG59) into a pure IP infrastructure via Dahua’s EoC passive media converters and ePoE devices.
Control Center A video management system provides an easy way to monitor events live or as recorded video. (DHI-LM43-F200 + DHI-NVR6A08-32-4KS2)
Classrooms/Cafeteria/Gymnasium Never miss a thing with a 360º panoramic camera (N55BS5, N88BR5V, or DH-IPC-EBW81242N)
Main Entrance A fixed camera provides a visual reference of who is coming and going (N52BM3Z)
Campus Perimeter A corner or pole mount, multi-sensor 180º bullet camera provides a wider field-of-view for a seamless panoramic image (DH-IPC-PFW8840N-A180)
Parking Lot A single, 180º multi-sensor bullet camera can cover the same distance of multiple single sensor cameras for increased situational awareness (DH-IPC-PFW8840N-A180)
Hallways Fixed cameras that feature corridor mode can flip the image 90º for a savings on bandwidth and storage. This feature is ideal for narrow hallways where pixels are often wasted capturing the surrounding walls (N52BM3Z)
Playground A single, 180º multi-sensor bullet camera can cover the same distance of multiple single sensor cameras for increased situational awareness (DH-IPC-PFW8840N-A180 or DH-IPC-PDBW8840N-A180)

Featured Education Products

  • 43-in. Full HD LED Monitor

  • 4MP Color 3.6mm ePoE Dome Camera with Night Color Technology

  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Bullet

  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Dome

  • 5MP 5-in-1 Network Dome Camera

  • 8MP IR 360° Panoramic Network Fisheye with Analytics+

  • EOL: 12MP IR 360° Panoramic Network Fisheye with Analytics+

  • EOL: 2x2MP IR Dual-sensor Dome Network Camera