Intelligent Solutions for: Banking & Finance

Dahua Technology provides advanced technologies in video surveillance that add increased functionality to the banking industry’s surveillance needs. Dahua’s solutions provide a comprehensive system that targets key problem areas.  From solutions that provide high definition images to business analytics, Dahua has the solutions that help protect and run your business.

Data Managment 256CH Intelligent Video Surveillance Server
Teller 2MP Face Recognition AI Network Camera
Bank Lobby 4MP 3x Starlight Mini PTZ
Perimeter Management 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic IP Bullet


The teller areas of financial organizations are critically important and a key place for video surveillance deployment. Technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI) features such as facial recognition can help track transactions, identify people of interest and improve customer service.

  • Dahua’s deep learning algorithms identify multiple areas of interest on a person’s face for identification.
  • Facial feature filtering displays only those faces that meet target criteria with up to 98% accuracy.
  • Metadata helps pinpoint customer profiles so targeted marketing campaigns can be created to attract new customers.
  • 4MP Color 3.6mm ePoE Dome Camera with Night Color Technology

  • 4MP IR Vari-focal Bullet ePoE Camera with Analytics+


Bank Lobby

In high traffic areas like lobbies, multi-sensor & panoramic cameras can provide needed visibility,  traffic flow and congestion. This allows banks to provide continuous security.

  • For banks with challenging lighting from window glare, cameras that feature True Wide Dynamic Range ensure a properly exposed image for the finest details.
  • For banks in high crime areas, installing a display monitor at the entrance acts as a deterrent and alerts patrons that they are being recorded.
  • Many vandal-proof dome cameras feature an IK10 rugged enclosure to prevent internal components from being destroyed due to vandalism.
  • Panoramic cameras offer a wide field of view with seamlessly stitched fields of view.
  • 2 MP HDMI Public Viewing Monitor Solution

  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Dome

  • 5MP 5-in-1 Network Dome Camera

  • EOL: 2x2MP IR Dual-sensor Dome Network Camera

  • EOL: 4K IR Vari-focal ePoE Dome

  • EOL: 55-in. Floor-standing Digital Signage


Data Management

In instances of criminal activity, banking surveillance cannot afford to miss one-second of recorded video. Therefore, having a scalable, failover system with the proper amount of storage is required by banks.

  • An NVR with RAID failover keeps recordings safe in the event of a hard drive failure.
  • Auto Network Recovery (ANR) provides an automatic back-up in the event of a network failure.
  • Dahua’s Smart H.265+ codec provides greater storage optimization by up to 80% compared to the standard H.264 codec.
  • 23.8-in. Full HD LED Monitor

  • 256CH Intelligent Video Surveillance Server


Perimeter Management

Walk-up and drive-thru ATM areas are always a concern for banks. Customer safety and preventing criminal activity,  cameras can identify issues in real-time. Recorded video at ATMs provide transaction details to identify criminals and deter robberies so customer accounts are protected.

  • An integrated ATM camera provides evidence of who is making a transaction.
  • A multi-sensor camera provides increased situational awareness over a larger viewing area helping to effectively identify suspicious or abnormal activity in and around the bank.
  • Multiple single sensor cameras can be replaced with a single multi-sensor camera for a decrease in installation, infrastructure, and total cost of ownership.
  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Bullet