Intelligent Solutions for: Mobile

Whether you are managing a large fleet of trucks, a mid-size delivery service, or a small business with a few routes, ensuring the safety of drivers while maintaining profitability and efficiency are top concerns. Dahua Technology offers entry-level through advanced solutions to meet your mobile video surveillance needs.

4MP IR Rugged Exterior Network Camera
4MP Fixed Network Wedge Camera
7 Inch LCD Display
Panic Button
Mobile NVR
2x2MP IR Dual-sensor Dome Camera

Fleet Management System

With real-time video, communicate instantly from the main office to the driver or stream live video of drivers and passengers at any time and from any vehicle.

Features such as GPS monitoring, crash detection, speed alerts and geo-fencing, allow the Dahua Fleet Management System to help keep your drivers, customers, and business safe. When an incident does occur, you can protect your business with video evidence to support false liability claims and keep insurance premiums low.

Dahua’s DSS platform combined with a cellular connection, features real-time GPS monitoring so the command center can virtually track the locations of multiple vehicles. Additionally, a vehicle from the virtual map can be selected for live video streaming and play back information.

Using the recorder’s GPS coordinates, the Geo-fencing feature sends an alert if a vehicle goes outside its zone.

Using the historical route feature, a driver’s route can be tracked to verify when and where a vehicle was during a specific time. With the ability to search for video by date, time and the name of the vehicle, searching for past data is efficient and easy.

Driver and Passenger

The ability to monitor the behavior of drivers and passengers can help improve the habits, safety and accountability of employees. Drivers who go off route decrease overall company profit margin. With a full mobile solution, it is easy to keep track of who is driving each vehicle and their productivity level. Additionally, your drivers can communicate instantly with the command center at any time. Overall, a fleet management system can increase the efficiency, profitability and safety of your business.

  • 2 MP Mobile Fixed HDCVI Wedge Camera (2.8mm)

  • 4MP IR 2.8mm Fixed Wedge Network Camera (M12)


Data Storage

Dahua mobile recorders feature a G-sensor which measures the force a vehicle endures if impacted. A vehicle that brakes suddenly or is involved in an impact will have a sudden change in its momentum causing a change in the G-sensor. Having a recording of such incidents is essential, but can be difficult to achieve if the mobile recorder’s internal moving components are temporarily dislodged; preventing the device from recording.

To overcome this challenge, Dahua mobile recorders feature an SD card slot for data redundancy. In the event of a hard drive failure due to an an accident the data is duplicated as a backup so that evidence is preserved.

Exterior Sides and Back of Vehicle

Capturing footage on the exterior and rear of vehicles is just as important as the footage captured inside. Utilizing cameras that can stand up to the harshest conditions of weather and road debris while on the move ensures video quality is maintained and protected.

  • 4MP IR Rugged Exterior 2.8mm Network Camera (M12)


Interior Truck Bed

When your vehicles are making deliveries or are on assignments, truck beds are susceptible to unmonitored activity and potential loss. To help reduce shrinkage, cameras installed inside the bed of the truck and on the back exterior allow operators to monitor this critical area and maintain increased awareness on equipment and inventory. The dual-sensor 2MP camera can decrease installation and hardware costs while monitoring in two directions via the interior or exterior of the truck. This camera meets EN50155 for shock and vibration.

  • 2 MP Mobile Fixed HDCVI Wedge Camera (2.8mm)

  • EOL: 2 x 2MP Mobile Dual-sensor Network Dome Camera (2.8 mm)