Intelligent Solutions for: Hotels

Aside from the obvious accommodations anticipated upon check-in, hotel guests also expect to feel safe and secure throughout their stay. Through an integrated, end-to-end hotel surveillance system, employees and guests will have peace of mind.

30x PTZ
30x PTZ
Interior Hallways
Dual Sensor Camera
Management Office
128CH Intelligent Video Surveillance Server
Outside Public Spaces
Interior Lobby
360 Fisheye Camera
Mobile Solution
Mobile NVR

Public Area

A panoramic multi-sensor camera provides improved situational awareness in expansive areas such as the perimeter of the building, parking lot and wide open spaces. With multiple sensors, images are seamlessly stitched together for an immersive 180º field-of-view. Operators can watch an event play out over a wider area without shifting focus between cameras. Additionally, fewer cameras are required for a savings on installation and maintenance costs.

For long-range applications, a PTZ camera can be added to track individuals and zoom in for closer details.

  • 4MP 45x IR Starlight PTZ Network Camera with Smart Motion Detection

  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Bullet

  • Thermal Temperature Station


Hallways and Corridors

Whether it’s the lobby, pool, or hallway, ensuring a safe environment throughout the entire premises is top of mind for most hotel companies. A dual-sensor camera provides a streamlined approach for applications where you need to monitor activity in two directions such as a hallway, staircase, or corridor. A dual-sensor camera decreases installation and maintenance costs, compared to two separate cameras, for a higher return on investment.

  • EOL: 2x2MP IR Dual-sensor Dome Network Camera



Guest safety starts at the front desk during the check-in process. Since lobbies receive the highest concentration of traffic, a camera covering the entrance/exit areas provides evidence of who is coming and going. For example, utilizing a fisheye camera provides 360 degrees of coverage without blind spots.

For hotels with past guest or employee problems, Dahua’s facial recognition box camera can store up to 10,000 faces at the edge. Black listed individuals can be added to the database so when the person enters the camera’s field of view, an alert is sent. Additionally, a facial recognition camera can identify personnel upon entering or exiting the hotel.

Natural light can provide excellent aesthetics to a lobby, however it can pose a challenge for surveillance by creating an intense contrast. Most Dahua cameras feature Wide Dynamic Range for detailed video in all lighting conditions.

  • 2 MP HDMI Public Viewing Monitor Solution

  • 4MP IR Vari-focal Bullet ePoE Camera with Analytics+

  • 5MP 5-in-1 Network Dome Camera

  • EOL: 55-in. Floor-standing Digital Signage


Shuttle Buses

Shuttle services transporting guests to and from the hotel should not be overlooked as an opportunity for security. Utilizing remote monitoring allows hotel security to keep an eye on guest and driver safety.

Dahua mobile recorders feature a G-sensor which measures the force a vehicle endures if impacted. A vehicle that brakes suddenly or is involved in an impact will have a sudden change in its momentum causing a change in the G-sensor. Having a recording of such incidents is essential, but can be difficult to achieve if the mobile recorder’s internal moving components are temporarily dislodged; preventing the device from recording.

To overcome this challenge, Dahua mobile recorders feature an SD card slot for data redundancy. In the event of a hard drive failure due to an accident the data is duplicated as a backup so that evidence is preserved.

Management Room

The most fundamental purpose of a hotel, and even more important than the quality of the room, is the security of its guests and their property. A management room allows operators to work efficiently viewing real-time video or reviewing files for post forensic analysis. Regardless of the number of cameras installed, the system is useless if the proper amount of storage to retain video has not been calculated properly or the network is strained due to too much bandwidth.

Dahua’s Smart H.265+ codec is available on most recorders and network cameras. The optimized codec provides up to 80% savings on bandwidth and storage compared to the standard H.264 codec.

In the event of a hard drive failure, many Dahua NVRs offer RAID failover to keep recordings safe. Additionally, Auto Network Recovery (ANR) provides an automatic back-up in the event of a network failure.

  • 256CH Intelligent Video Surveillance Server


Access Control

Hotels are not only a place where guests are supposed to feel safe but so should the staff. Dahua Access Control devices offer a complete solution that combines entrance/exit management with native biometrics and video surveillance to provide a safe and secure environment throughout the hotel.

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