Machine Vision

Dahua Technology designs and manufactures a variety of high-performance industrial cameras with large throughput and high accuracy. Through advanced technology, all cameras offer more accurate color reproduction, clear dynamic range differentiation, superior detail and an ISP algorithm for truer hues and reduced noise. Additionally, all cameras are created with high quality materials that undergo advanced testing.

Rich product lines:

  • Area Scan Cameras
  • Line Scan Cameras
  • Smart Cameras
  • 3D Measurement Cameras
  • Industrial Lenses

Our new machine vision product lineup turns vision into productivity for industrial and manufacturing applications via camera/lens products. | (949) 679-7777

To learn more about our Machine Vision product offerings, visit our Huaray partner website.

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Download our Video Tracking System solution overview to see what a full end-to-end machine vision solution can do for manufacturing applications.