Analytics helps take any camera beyond basic surveillance by providing an added level of insight, reporting, and reduced time for end users. Dahua’s broad range of analytics offerings provide three levels to meet any installation situation: Premium Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) for basic data, Advanced IVS for mid-level analysis, and Analytics+ with two layers of alarm filtration for advanced applications.

Premium IVS

Motion, Scene Change, Abandoned/Missing Object, Tripwire, Intrusion

Advanced IVS

Facial Detection, People Counting, Heat Map, Auto-tracking


Face Attributes, Perimeter Protection

Beyond Traditional Security

Premium IVS

Motion Detection
When an object moves through any part of the scene will trigger the motion detection alarm. Motion detection can be set-up to do either a portion or all of a scene and can be designated to varying levels of sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity or the smaller the region, the easier it will be for motion to be detected.

Basic tripwire is designed to triggered when an object crosses a defined area in the designated direction. It is ideal for areas that are more open, without a lot of coverings, such as an unguarded gate. The tripwire function can be set-up for different direction selection depending on the needs of the application. It can do be set to trigger for entering, exiting, or both. The tripwire function can also be set-up to  activate a record, snapshot and alarm according to the judgment result.

Missing & Abandoned
The missing or abandoned object function is designed to detect when an object is removed or abandoned from a specified area. Once the area is set up, a time limit can be set to determine how long after an object is either placed in an area or removed that an alarm will trigger. This is ideal for high value objects or areas at high risk for unwanted objects.

Scene Change
The Scene change functionality is designed to detect if there is a change in the scene previously captured by the camera, such as a person covering or moving the camera to obscure the scene. The camera compares the image prior to the change to that after to determine if the scene is different, if it is an alarm will be triggered.

Intrusion functionality triggers an alarm when a person or object enters or exits a defined area. It can be set up for a defined area within a scene and set to capture entrance, exit, or both, from the defined area.

Advanced IVS

People Counting
Measure the number of customers or visitors in a surveillance scene and stores daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly people flow through a defined scene and produces a configurable report.

Facial Detection
The camera automatically captures a person’s a face and sends a snapshot to the NVR.

Object Tracking
Auto-tracking maximizes the capabilities of a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera. Triggered manually or automatically by defined rules, the camera can zoom in and track the defined target in a single scene, panoramic scene, or across multiple scenes. Select Dahua PTZs have this innovative function.

Heat Map
Heat mapping is an advanced feature that brings business intelligence to a security system. Intelligent analysis tracks and stores daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly people flow through a defined scene and produces a configurable report.

  • Uses collected data to produce a heat map, a two-dimensional representation of data that provides an immediate visual summary of information
  • Identify the most active areas of a given location, providing valuable data analysis for commercial applications


People Counting – Line Crossing and Regional
The camera uses complex real-time people counting algorithms to deliver accurate flow statistics from two distinct people counting functions, Line Crossing and Regional. The line crossing function counts the number of people crossing a defined line, and the regional function counts the number of people in a distinct, user-defined area. People counting is ideal for measuring the number of customers entering or exiting a location and to monitor groups of people in a distinct location.

Perimeter Protection
Utilizing advanced tripwire, Dahua’s Analytics+ technology allow you to monitor a defined area or line for tripwire or intrusion violations. Tripwire alarms are able to distinguish between humans and vehicles, allowing specific monitoring criteria to be set-up. False alarms that would normally be caused due to animals, weather, trees, or light are reduced. This advanced technology helps increase efficiency for video surveillance.

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Face Attributes
The Facial Attribute analytic extracts metadata from a captured face to make determinations of the person’s age, expression, and gender, as well as categorize distinct features such as whether a person has a beard or wears glasses.

Fast Moving
Triggers an alarm when the speed of an object exiting a defined area exceeds a specified sensitivity setting.

Parking Detection
Monitors a defined area for the presence of a vehicle that remains in the area without motion.

Crowd Gathering
Monitors a defined area for a set number of people gathering and remaining inside the defined area.

Loitering Detection
Monitors a defined area for the presence of an object that remains in the area longer than a specified amount of time.

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