License Plate Recognition

Dahua’s New License Plate Recognition cameras automatically capture vehicle license plate images, and recognize license plate numbers and letters. During playback, an operator can perform a license plate search by time and date to view thumbnail images of all plates captured during the specified time period, or they can enter a license plate number to search for vehicles recorded with that plate. License plate recognition technology offers effective entrance/exit management, traffic surveillance, and parking lot monitoring with DSS Video Management Software.

Features and Functions

Barrier Control

Up to 99% Accuracy

Motorized Vari-focal Lens

Standard PoE

DSS can manage multiple park­ing lot entrances and can work with multiple ANPR cameras setup at entry and exit points. DSS can accurately determine how many vehicles are in a parking lot based on the number of entry and exit points. You can also setup the number of parking spots for each parking lot.

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Real time vehicle monitoring allows images to be refreshed in real time on the bottom of the monitoring screen. Different color labels can be used to mark different types of registered vehicles. (Resident, Guest, VIP, Black­list) You can also open a barrier gate directly from DSS.

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“Vehicle Access” lets you know how many times a vehicle has entered or exited a designated entrance point during a set duration of time. It also has the ability to playback the video to check the results.

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“Snapshot Record” shows all the vehicles the LPR camera has captured.

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The “Parking Overtime” alert notification can be used to indicate if a vehicle has stayed passed its allotted time slot.

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The notification allows management to view who is on the allow/block list. It also has the capability to export a report of recorded instances.

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The Dashboard flow report provides an overview of the parking lot through real time statistics.

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Vertical Applications

and Campuses

Retail and Office
Parking Spaces

Hotel and
Casino Parking


Product Options

  • 2MP IR License Plate Recognition Camera (10 mm to 50 mm Vari-focal Lens)

  • 2MP IR License Plate Recognition Camera (3.2 mm to 10.5 mm Vari-focal Lens)

  • DSS Express V8 Video Management System

    DSS Express V8
  • DSS Pro V8 – Video Management System

    DSS Pro V8

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