Retail Security Camera Systems for Loss Prevention

Safety and security solutions to reduce theft, schedule staff appropriately, and collect metadata in retail applications of any size.

• Easily observe remotely to ensure smooth operation and proper merchandising
• Receive proactive alerts of in-store and on-premise happenings
• Mitigate shoplifting and shrink
• Access actionable marketing data
• Coordinate staff
• Reduce liability

Video Management System (VMS)

Digital Surveillance System (DSS) VMS: a hub-and-spoke approach that keeps everything at your fingertips on a centralized platform, with no recurring license fees, allowing you to:

  • Scale to multiple locations
  • Improve security efficiency with instant shared data across locations
  • View video analytics

Alternatively, our edge-based solutions integrate with your existing VMS, reducing the load on the central server. Our AI security analytics complement what your VMS is already doing.

Behavior Recognition Software – Analytics-Embedded Cameras

  • Automatically track customers’ paths through the store and flag deviant behavior, such as “returning” items pulled off of the shelf, versus typical purchase patterns.
  • Flag unusual transactions or behavior at the POS
  • Send alerts if someone is prone – helping managers take action immediately if there is an incident.
  • Dwell time / loitering detection
  • Sends an alert when someone is lingering in a particular area, helping catch potential shoplifters.
  • Alert managers to idle employees.
  • Generate reports for merchandisers to identify which displays are attracting shoppers, and which need to be revamped.

Manage Employees

Take Care of Customers

Guard Against Theft

Intelligent Video System (IVS) Analytics with Smart Surveillance

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

  • Share database across locations
  • Identify repeat perpetrators of crime.
  • Send alerts when VIP customers arrive.

Queue Management

  • Long-line alerts help you deploy staff appropriately.

Heat Mapping

  • View flow patterns through the store and allocate staff members to high-traffic departments.

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