Jennifer Hackenburg

Product Marketing Director

Jennifer Hackenburg is a Product Marketing Director at Dahua Technology USA, with 18 years in the industry. She oversees all aspects of the product launch and end of life processes to ensure a smooth transition between product phases. In addition to life-cycle management, Jennifer maintains product consistency and creates persuasive product marketing campaigns. She possesses a deep understanding of video technology, as well as the security industry landscape. Her mission is to facilitate growth by executing a comprehensive marketing strategy so customers feel confident about deploying and using Dahua solutions.

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How a Video Monitoring Solution Can Ensure a Smarter Security for a Variety of Applications

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Dahua Video Monitoring Solutions Are Smart Security What is a video monitoring solution?  Think of it like a traditional security alarm service but with live video that monitors sensitive areas 24/7. As compared to traditional video monitoring services that require a person to be physically sitting and watching a screen…

Cybersecurity: How to Secure Your Network Video Security System, Part 2

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In part 1 of “How to secure your Network Video Security system”, we covered Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Geolocation restrictions. In addition to those important methods, there are more features to take advantage of that can improve overall security. Disabling Unneeded Services IP devices as well as online PC servers support…

How Proactive Video Monitoring Improves Security

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Jennifer HackenburgProduct Marketing Director Proactive video monitoring takes an active approach toward preventing security incidents rather than just capturing footage of them. Our new Three-in-One Camera (TiOC) uses analytics at...

New Uses for Thermal Cameras

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The use of thermal cameras in safety and security applications has been associated traditionally with critical sites such as utilities, airports, or chemical plants where detecting a human heat signature could have significant implications. These sensitive facilities could justify the higher costs associated with thermal cameras since there was a…

How Modern Camera Technology Can Improve Security and ROI in One System

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For years, cameras have helped businesses of all types improve their security. But what if your camera could not only reduce the risk of theft and intrusion, but also improve your ability to make smarter business decisions, too? That’s the promise of the latest generation of camera technology. Using advanced…