Four-door Multi-function Access Controller

The DHI-ASC2204C-S supports TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand Protocol, and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), which makes it interoperable with devices from other manufacturers. It is scalable and can be managed by Dahua’s DSS Pro, and DSS Express Video Management Systems. For high security applications, it allows anti-passback and multi-door interlock to control traffic, and biometrics can be integrated as well. The device supports watchdog mechanism for greater operational stability.

Model Number: DHI-ASC2204C-S
  • Supports TCP/IP, RS485, and Wiegand Protocols
  • Stores 100,000 User and 500,000 Card-swipe Records
  • Issues Alarms for Tampering, Intrusion, Timeout, Duress, Invalid Card, and Incorrect Password
  • Supports Built-in RTC, Manual Time-fixing, and Automatic Time-fixing
  • Data Saved in Event of Power Failure
  • Enable Anti-passback and Multi-door Interlock to Control Traffic in High-security Applications
  • Supports Watchdog Mechanism to Ensure Operation Stability