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Dahua Eureka!
10 Things Our Entry-Level Thermal Camera Can Find

By | June 7, 2021

Thermal cameras are no longer a specialty item reserved for high-end, high-budget applications. We’re pleased to announce the Dahua Eureka line, our new, economical, entry-level thermal cameras, great for small- and medium-sized businesses: the Dahua Eureka line.

Available in compact eyeball or bullet form factors, Dahua Eureka cameras have a dual-lens combination: a 256×192 thermal camera and 1/2.7 in 4MP visible light camera, delivering identification-level images. Other features include IVS with fire detection and alarm functions, smart alarm with voice prompt, and white light and audible alerts as active deterrents. Learn more in this video.

Dahua Eureka cameras can help you detect a heat signature in poor light conditions, serving as an efficient early-detection surveillance system. Eureka means “I’ve found it,” and here are 10 things Eureka can find:

  1. Fires. Field testing has shown that Eureka can detect fire and send an alert more quickly than a smoke detector can activate an alarm.
  2. People in smoke-filled rooms. In case of fire, Eureka can spot the locations of people in smoky rooms by reading their heat signature.
  3. People or vehicles coming onto your property at night. If advanced low-light technology is outside of your budget, use a Eureka camera to detect a heat signature and give you an advance warning. It will also let you know whether a detected object is a human or a vehicle.
  4. Wildlife. Even in broad daylight, there may be scenarios where you can’t get a clear sight on animals, such as through heavy brush. Eureka solves that problem for you.
  5. Vessels and people in bodies of water. In high fog conditions, in very bright direct sunlight, and at night, Eureka can detect boats and humans in the water before they can be spotted by traditional surveillance cameras or the naked eye.
  6. Overheating machinery. A Eureka camera used in an application with machinery or industrial equipment can detect whether a motor is heating to an abnormally high temperature, giving you a heads up before the motor burns out.
  7. Cooling devices that are failing. The inverse of the above, Eureka cameras used in refrigerated areas can let you know if refrigeration is failing and temperatures are rising to an unacceptable degree.
  8. Cell phone usage. In an area where it’s dangerous to use a mobile phone, such as near flammable material, Eureka can read the heat signature of a phone and send an alert if someone is using one.
  9. Smokers in “no smoking” zones. Point a Eureka camera at your “no smoking” areas and it will let you know if someone lights up. The audible alert feature can even let the smoker know directly that they’ve been spotted.
  10. Kids playing hide and seek. Don’t tell them we gave you this tip, but a Eureka camera aimed at your backyard lets you win at hide and seek every time.

For more information on Dahua Eureka specs and the technology behind these camera, download our flyer.

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