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Dahua Releases New 2MP 45x Laser Infrared Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

By | May 29, 2018

IRVINE, Calif., May 29, 2018 – Dahua Technology USA, a leading video surveillance solutions provider, announced today a new addition to its network pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) Ultra Series product family. The 6AL245UNI 45x laser PTZ provides excellent performance and clear visibility at any time. Whether capturing video in harsh environments, extreme low-light conditions, or long-range applications, this camera is well suited for convention centers, stadiums and parking lots.

A top feature of the 6AL245UNI is its Predictive Focus Algorithm (PFA) technology. PFA improves zoom accuracy, decreases focus time and enables faster threat recognition. With some cameras taking up to 10-15 seconds to properly focus when tracking or zooming to an area of interest, the 6AL245UNI maintains its focus while zooming in and out of scene. With the ability to judge the direction and distance of an object more accurately, scenes stay in focus throughout the zooming process. The result is faster information for more accurate decisions. For endless positioning, the camera offers 0º to 360º pan and -20º to 90º tilt for tracking objects at long distances.

Designed for long-distance, outdoor environments, the camera features an impressive IR Laser for capturing details in dark places at up to 1804 ft (550 m). Its built-in intelligent IR beam ensures optimum illumination of objects regardless of the level of zoom. For additional low-light challenges, the camera is equipped with Dahua’s Starlight Technology, offering exceptional image details down to 0.005 lux.

Based on the DORI standardized system for measuring pixel density (EN-62676-4), the 6AL245UNI can detect objects up to 7694 ft (2345 m), observe up to 3077 ft (938 m) and recognize objects up to 1539 ft (469 m). In situations that require intricate details with high pixel density, the 6AL245UNI is capable of identifying objects and faces up to 768 ft (234 m) (~76 pixels per foot).

With an integrated motorized wiper to keep the glass clean, images are clear during inclement weather. Perfect exposure due to uneven light is safeguarded by the cameras’ true Wide Dynamic Range of 120 dB. In fog or low-contrast scenes, visibility is improved by Dahua’s Defog feature.

The camera’s local SD card slot inside the camera enhances network performance by compensating for short network outages, ensuring that video data is not lost. The camera’s intelligent video analytics enhance automated tracking on moving targets.

Featuring Dahua’s Smart H.265+ video compression, encoding efficiency is increased while also preserving high-quality video. Thanks to the Smart Codec, end users are able to save on their storage and bandwidth, decreasing the total cost of ownership, while the backwards compatibility option provides versatility for integrators whose customers use H.264. Depending on the content of the scene, Smart H.265+ reduces bitrate by up to 80 percent to reduce network strain and storage requirements. It helps to keep video data manageable, while substantially reducing network strain, storage requirements and costs, without compromising functionality and image quality.

“Our new 2MP 45x Laser PTZ is a high-performing solution for long-range security,” said Jennifer Hackenberg, Sr. Product Manager at Dahua North America. “With the camera’s impressive long-range capability coupled with Predictive Focus Algorithm, this camera is an excellent addition to the Dahua portfolio.”

The 6AL245UNI conforms to Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) specifications. Compliance with these standards guarantees interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer.

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