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Dahua’s Full ePoE Solution is Now Available

By | March 27, 2018

Irvine CA, March 27, 2018 – Dahua Technology USA, a leading provider of intelligent solutions in video surveillance, has announced its proprietary Enhanced Power Over Ethernet (ePoE) solution is now available for shipment.

In late 2017, Dahua was the first to introduce this innovative technology to the video surveillance industry. The full solution includes a multitude of components including dome, eyeball, and bullet-style 6MP fixed and vari-focal camera options, a 4-port ePoE switch, 16-channel ePoE network recorders, and ePoE converters and extenders.

Thanks to Dahua’s innovative technology, ePoE devices can be interchanged via coax or UTP (CAT5/CAT6) no matter which infrastructure. This new technology provides the flexibility to extend data transmission at longer distances over UTP or convert coax cabling to pure IP with ePoE converters and extenders for a pure IP solution.

The ePoE network solution allows for data transmission up to eight times greater distance compared to standard IP devices. With the ability to extend transmission distances up to 2625ft (800m) over a single Ethernet cable to an ePoE head-end device without repeaters, ePoE technology provides a lower total cost of ownership to users who require long transmission distances without interruption. At its core, the ePoE solution is capable of up to 10Mbps/800m or 100Mbps/300m long distance PoE transmission.

The numbers speak for themselves, a standard PoE camera receives and transmits signals only up to 100 m (328 ft), and would require seven additional switches to match the distance of the Dahua’s ePoE camera. Each switch consumes 3 W totaling an additional 21 W of power required to operate the camera, translating to an extra 182.5 kWh per year. Choosing Dahua’s ePoE technology not only helps your security budget, but conserves energy while making the world a bit greener.

“Dahua is focused on providing solutions to issues and pain points for our end users,” said Jennifer Hackenburg, senior product marketing manager, Dahua Technology USA.  “As we developed the various devices for the ePoE solution we understood by extending the transmission capability of each camera in a security system, a greater number of costly repeaters can be eliminated, making long-distance video surveillance achievable for those working with limited budgets.”

Additionally, the new ePoE devices promote a seamless analog to IP migration, using coaxial cable to integrate Dahua’s ePoE IP cameras and ePoE switch/NVR with Dahua’s Ethernet over Coax (EoC) passive converters (LR1002) for a pure IP solution. This is a simple and effective solution that significantly reduces the cost of upgrading from analog to IP.

For ease of installation, Dahua’s ePoE technology can be integrated with third-party ONVIF cameras and head-end devices. When converting coax to pure IP, third-party devices can be used in three ways.

The first option allows a standard PoE ONVIF camera to be used over coax when combined with Dahua’s ePoE switch/head-end along with an LR1002 passive converter and an LR1002-1ET extender.

The second option allows a standard PoE switch to be used over coax when combined with Dahua’s ePoE 6MP camera along with an LR1002 passive converter at the camera and an LR1002-1EC extender.

The third way allows a standard PoE switch and standard PoE ONVIF camera to be used over coax when combined with Dahua’s ePoE LR1002-1EC and LR1002-1ET extenders.

With one line of products that can be interchanged between UTP or coax, switching between technologies with the same great features is easy. To learn more about this innovative technology and diagrams on how to configure a custom solution go to

About Dahua Technology USA

Dahua Technology USA brings high-value, total security solutions to the North American market. Founded in 2001, Dahua is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of video surveillance equipment, according to a 2016 IHS report. Dahua’s video surveillance solutions, from award-winning cameras to video management software, deliver unparalleled quality, reliability, and stability. Dahua Technology USA provides sales and support throughout the U.S. and Canada, with facilities in Irvine, California, Franklin, Massachusetts, and Houston, Texas.  For more information, please visit


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