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Dahua’s Green Manufacturing Promotes Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction

By | June 6, 2023

As a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, Dahua is committed to improve its sustainable development capabilities and to make continuous efforts in building a greener and safer digital world by developing innovative solutions that can help conserve energy and reduce carbon emission.

As of 2022, Dahua has implemented “green manufacturing” and established an advanced wastewater recycling system, achieving zero discharge of industrial wastewater. The manufacturing process adopts lead-free fully automated soldering, which does not generate waste lead gas. The workshop itself is equipped with a fresh air system capable of Class-100,000 dust-free purification through airflow and dust control. The exhaust gas is treated with UV photolysis and activated carbon (the discharged air meets the treatment standards after deep adsorption). High quality low noise equipment is selected inside the workshop, and some high noise equipment is systematically arranged and segmented using sound-absorbing materials. Professional third-party testing is conducted every year to ensure the noise control meets relevant requirements.

In addition, to enhance the efficient utilization of resources, Dahua established a dedicated production cleaning team that focuses on energy conservation, pollution reduction, and efficiency enhancement. It aims to maximize resource utilization and to reduce waste in order to lessen or eliminate its adverse effects on the environment and human health. Dahua completed the implementation of 7 low cost plans and 4 high cost plans, saving a total of 1.783 million kWh of electricity, with an average emission reduction of 15t of waste cleaning fluid and 170.64kg of VOCs waste gas.

What’s more, the second phase of Dahua’s intelligent distribution center realized 100,000 square meter of unmanned warehouse operation. The Dahua Park’s upgraded smart electricity system saves up to 1,389,800 kWh of electricity every year, and its newly upgraded air-conditioning system can save up to 6,000 tons of water annually. Also, the company has successfully obtained 56 China Energy Conservation Product Certifications. Several photovoltaic power stations were deployed around the vicinity of the park to generate clean energy and help reduce carbon emissions. To refine the use of electricity in the production site, the company has established a smart energy consumption platform that provides real time monitoring of electricity consumption in each workshop, statistical analysis of reports, and accurate identification of possible improvement points.

Moreover, Dahua optimizes the emissions of various segments, promotes waste “source reduction”, prioritizes the use of clean raw materials that are pollution-free and eco-friendly, and focuses on every detail to help reduce emissions in each of its manufacturing units. The intelligent upgrade of the lens module assembly and testing line has saved an average annual electricity of 1.081 million kWh, generating a total economic benefit of RMB 2.667 million. The renovation of the dust-proof workshop saves up to 638,000 kWh of electricity annually, resulting in a total economic benefit of RMB 606,000. The company has also installed exhaust systems to uniformly collect waste gas which will then undergo thorough treatment using purification devices in the factory to effectively remove toxic and harmful substances. Dahua also strictly control material quality by developing and upgrading its automated testing platforms, achieving a fully automated testing coverage rate of 94.51% for its core products.

By taking actions including energy consumption platform construction, equipment upgrading, plant transformation, waste gas purification, testing and upgrading, Dahua practices green manufacturing, improves the effective use of resources, and continues to create a green manufacturing model that takes good consideration of customer needs, enterprise benefits, resource utilization and environmental impact. Moving forward, Dahua will continue to adhere to its sustainable development goals and environmental responsibilities, promoting green manufacturing by creating and implementing innovative solutions and methods that can help save energy and reduce pollution and carbon emissions in the environment.

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