Dealer Certification Training Program and Requirements

Dahua North America is pleased to announce the Dealer Certification training program for 2021. This program enables all of our All-star dealers to elevate their skill set by taking in-depth online training courses on Dahua products and solutions.  All of the courses are on, our online training portal. All registered dealers have been issued credentials to enter the site.

The Sales Certification courses focus on features, benefits, applications, as well as competitive advantages and system design tips. This will be invaluable to Salespeople as they will be able to specify and promote the best solution for their customer’s application.

The Technical Certification courses are focused on Installation, configuration, best practices, and troubleshooting. This will be important for Technicians whom will be installing and configuring the system for best results.

The courses eligible towards certification are listed below, and will be clearly marked in red within learn dahua.  “This (product) course qualifies as a selection in the Dealer Certification program.” Additional eligible courses will be added to the list above in the coming months.

Online (OLT) Technical Certification Training Course format is self-paced, webpage instruction with multimedia elements

Sales Course Course Topics
NVR NVR Families & Series, Product Differentiators & Key Technologies, Video Analytics Overview, Security Features, Selecting Product and Application
Transmission Network Switches, ePoE and IP over Coax and Wireless products
Video Analytics Video Analytics Overview, Premium IVS, Advanced IVS, Analytics +, Reporting & Business Analytics, Analytics with any ONVIF Camera, Application
IP Fixed Camera IP camera overview, Application, Dahua IP Advantage, Technology & Feature Spotlight, Competitive Position, Software and Accessories, Design tips; Includes Low light and night color technology
Online (OLT) Technical Certification Training

Course format is self-paced, webpage instruction with multimedia elements

Course Duration Technical Course Course Topics
~3 hours w/ 40+ question exam DSS Express Covers current DSS express V7. Main software installation, Software client setup, Network setup, License activation, Backup/Restore, emap, Playback. Includes DSS configuration on Flow control, LPR, Access Control, Thermal Temp Kiosk solutions.

~1.5 hours w/ 20 question exam Access Control Current to existing Access Control hardware. Overview, Access Controller layout, Readers, setup with DSS express.

3 and 4 Star Dealer Training Requirements

Effective immediately, all 3 and 4 star Dahua North America registered dealers have training obligations. They must fulfill the training requirements listed below by due date, otherwise the star status and price discount levels are at risk.

  • 3 Star dealers
    • Complete 1 Sales certification and 1 Technical certification course
  • 4 Star dealers
    • Complete 2 Sales certification and 2 Technical certification courses

Other details:

  • All training is to be completed by December 31, 2021. January 1, 2022 resets the requirement, and you’ll have to take different or updated courses by December 31, 2022 to maintain your star status.
  • To complete the course(s), you must pass the exam with 80% or higher score. You can take the exam multiple times if you don’t pass the first time.
  • Passing the course entitles you to a e-Certificate, which will be emailed to you upon successful completion of the course
  • Any employee of a registered dealer can take these courses, and passing the course fulfills the Dealer’s training requirements per the details above
  • There are no training requirements for 2 star dealers

To register additional employees for, please contact your Dahua Inside Sales Manager that covers your territory:

Marge Mitchell (ISM)
USA West Coast Region
Camron Leach (ISM)
USA South Region
Melanie Luden (ISM)
USA North East Region
Gabriel Valle (ISM)
USA Central Region
Stephanie Singh (Inside Sales)

Training related questions can be sent to:

All Star Dealer program related questions can be sent to: