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Does adding a Video Management System Scare You?

By | October 31, 2022

Jennifer Hackenburg
Product Marketing Director

The security industry is continuously evolving as new hi-tech security cameras are developed every day. But, what is the best way to organize and record these devices for the highest efficiency in managing your overall security system?

There are several ways to record security video. The easiest way is with a network video recorder (NVR). An NVR is your best option if you are on a budget and only have a single location with a handful of network cameras. However, a limitation with an NVR is that once it is installed there is a limited amount of flexibility for expansion down the road.

Another way to manage and record video is with a VMS (Video Management Software) and Enterprise Storage device. A VMS records video similar to an NVR but offers greater flexibility, for expansion as well as more advanced control. Whether you are specifying a small project with only a few cameras or a major retail chain shop with hundreds of locations, Dahua’s VMS options are simple to upgrade if your needs change or you require more functionality.

Dahua offers an entry-level and professional VMS option. The entry-level modular, pay-as-you-go security system for small to medium-sized organizations is called DSS Express Software. DSS Express comes with 64 video channels that can be expanded to 256 video channels as long as you have purchased a channel license. This makes it simple to link with access control systems, video intercom, and specialized analytic cameras that can perform functions like automatic number plate recognition (LPR), facial detection+, and video metadata logging. DSS Express is appropriate for office buildings, retail businesses, and vehicle access management.

Some highlights of DSS Express include:

  • Lower upfront investment costs (e.g. smaller systems which you do not expect to scale).
  • Supports up to 64 door controls and up to 256 intercom devices.

DSS Professional is designed for larger scale applications and provides many of the same functionalities as DSS Express. In addition to security, DSS Professional can be used in various applications such as parks, chain stores and logistics for scaling capabilities. For example, it supports up to 2,000 channels, 1,000 doors and upwards of 400TB storage capacity per server. If you need to expand beyond that, it can go up to 20,000 channels and 4PB of storage capacity through a more distributed architecture.

Some highlights of DSS Pro include:

  • For enterprise applications, its architecture supports hot standby and N + M redundancy enabling failover servers if the primary server goes offline.
  • Customized integration of other systems and devices by using available SDK and API as well as ONVIF for integration with other 3rd party cameras on the market.

Overall, DSS Professional acts as an intelligent multiplier by providing security professionals more powerful insights than without it. With DSS Pro, you can fully leverage the power of your video security system and make informed decisions for greater efficiency, lower cost and increased profitability.

There are of course a variety of ways to consider when selecting the best system for your application’s needs; it’s best to estimate your future needs besides what you need now so you can choose the most cost-effective platform.

For more information, read more on our DSS Product Page or by contacting your Dahua representative for a DSS demonstration, which can be done remotely using our online demo system.

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