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How Active Alarm Works

By | October 31, 2020

When you install a security camera, it’s probably because you want to make sure that the areas under surveillance are crime-free. It will capture criminal activity and may even give you real-time alerts through a recorder or mobile notification. Though most security camera deployments are considered an act of deterrence, the camera won’t do anything on its own to prevent the crime from happening: it is passive.

Active alarm changes this dynamic by serving as a configurable automatic response to a person or vehicle entering the camera’s field of view. The feature is similar to how residential night sensors work when someone walks into the area and the light illuminates. Now, rather than simply recording what’s happening, the camera can help stop what’s happening. It can prevent theft and illegal dumping, for example, or discourage people from entering restricted areas or parking in no-parking zones.

Users can choose one or a combination of the following responses with Dahua’s 5MP Active Alarm Camera (N55DY82):

  • Flashing a strobe light
  • Broadcasting a customized, vocal warning (e.g. “You are being monitored. Leave the property immediately.”)
  • Sounding the siren

Although most security cameras are used to deter crime or catch an incident on video, these devices are no longer just for security anymore. In fact, if you have security cameras at your retail location and are only using them for the purpose of security, you are missing out on other creative ways to improve sales and customer engagement. For example, the Active Alarm feature could replace the need for a greeter at smaller companies or ones that are short staffed. With the Active Alarm feature, a user can upload a custom message to offer a customer greeting such as “Welcome, please sign in and someone will be with you shortly.”

Another response feature of our new 5MP Active Alarm camera is activation of the white-light illuminator. The camera records in black and white at night until the illuminator is triggered by someone entering the scene, at which point the image switches to color.

To learn more about Dahau’s camera offering with Active Alarm, check out a video overview of the 5-in-1 camera here.


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