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How Smart Motion Detection Works

By | March 18, 2020

Motion detection is a great tool for analyzing a scene and sending alerts when motion occurs. But it’s prone to false alarms because let’s face it, there are a lot of things in a scene that can move: a tree branch blowing in the wind, a stray cat, things that aren’t truly a threat. Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is a new technology that mitigates false alarms and keeps your security operations running efficiently. Here’s how it works.

Put the Algorithm to Work

A deep learning algorithm lets SMD differentiate between human and vehicular shapes within a scene, at up to 95% accuracy. You don’t have to draw lines to define specific areas to be monitored; once you activate SMD with one easy click, an SMD-enabled camera and recorder with SMD firmware will get to work identifying people and vehicles anywhere in the camera’s field of view.

Use It Where You Need an Extra Set of Eyes

When limited resources mean fewer onsite security personnel, SMD is a great way to keep an eye on unattended scenes that normally have limited activity. This includes areas where illegal dumping is a concern, loading docks, warehouses, employee entrances, no-parking zones, and hazardous areas. Areas that need additional attention at particular times of day, such as a hotel swimming pool after the pool has been closed for the evening, are also great use cases for SMD deployment.

Get Only the Alerts You Really Need

When a person or vehicle enters the field of view, your SMD system will trigger searchable alerts. You can opt to have push notifications sent to your mobile app, as well.

Watch Smart Motion Detection in action here.

Search With Ease

Because the camera filters motion-activated objects depending on parameters defined by the user, it becomes easier and faster for users to search through mass amounts of video data to review and retrieve historical information. This playback feature is called Quick Target Search.

Gain Peace of Mind

Annoying false alarms can make you numb to new alerts, increasing the chance that you’ll miss something you really need to see. The highly accurate motion detection of SMD apprises you of true threats to your home or business without bombarding you with useless information. SMD is available in select cameras in our Lite and Pro IP camera series, in a variety of price points and form factors.

Learn more about SMD, peruse the SMD product line, and download our SMD quick guide here.

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