Dahua’s latest N45D cameras with Analytics+ offerings include: People Counting with loitering detection, Facial Attributes, Heat Map for population visualization and Perimeter Protection for alerts or searches based on people or vehicles.

The Dahua StereoVision people counting camera provides video surveillance for keeping an eye on employees and customers and provides business intelligence information that improves operational efficiency. With the ability to detect faces and its high stereovision depth perception, people are counted at up to 98% accuracy.

Night Color

Night Color

Dahua’s ePoE Night Color Series offers a back-illuminated, CMOS structure for optimal sensitivity in low-light scenes. Thanks to a large aperture, a higher amount of absorbed light is filtered for 4x’s the brightness of a normal camera. With a minimum ambient light of 1.0 lux or more, nighttime images are captured in vivid color for a more efficient surveillance system.

Multi-Sensor Cameras

The Dahua’s multi-sensor cameras provide increased flexibility and reduced installation time, for more streamlined surveillance solutions. The Dual-sensor Dome Camera features two (2) 1/2.8-in. 2MP STARVIS™ CMOS Sensors.  Dahua’s Multi-flex Dome Camera features 4x2MP STARVIS™ sensors. Sensor on both cameras  which can be positioned and configured independently of the other allowing flexible, multi-directional video surveillance that is ideal for monitoring open spaces or intersecting hallways.


Dahua’s 4K ePoE Pro Series network video recorders offer excellent performance and high recording quality for IP video surveillance applications. These professional NVRs provide a powerful processor with a gigabit port and 320 Mbps of incoming bandwidth to record multiple channels of 4K resolution at 30 fps. These NVRs feature Dahua’s innovative ePoE technology to transmit power and data over long distances via Ethernet or coaxial cables.