Warehouse Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems for Operations Management

What’s the Best Security System for Warehouses, Distribution Hubs, and Storage Facilities?

Closed environments where constant ingress and egress of people and vehicles must occur present operational and logistical challenges. We make it easier with an all-in-one solution that includes access control, time and attendance, intercom, and video surveillance. From being able to accurately and automatically track movement of customers and employees, to identifying problems before they occur, streamlining security with operations has huge benefits. The same system can also help avoid accidents on site and protect against claims.

Video Management System (VMS)

For clients choosing our Digital Surveillance System (DSS) VMS, our hub-and-spoke approach places everything at your fingertips. From one central platform that’s easily accessible, you can:

  • Scale from one to multiple locations.
  • Share data that’s usable across multiple locations.
  • View analytics and instantly transfer data across all sites to improve efficiency of security and operations, with no recurring license fees.

We also have solutions that will complement your existing VMS and bring technology to the edge, taking the load off the central server. Our AI security analytics will augment what your VMS is already doing.

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Access Control and Intercom

Access control and intercom enhance gate control, especially when integrated with video surveillance. Our intercom solution for commercial facilities can easily scale as operations grow, and our complete access control solution combines entrance management with analytics to help you quickly resolve incidents and to improve safety. LPR and face detection (see IVS section below) can bring dual authentication functionality into these solutions.

Thermal Sensing Security Solutions

Thermal technology allows for active monitoring of perimeter and fence line by detecting a heat signature in poor lighting conditions. This efficient, early-detection surveillance system can send alerts of trespassing or people throwing items over the fence to pick up later. It can also identify an abnormal rise in temperature – such as in the case of a fire – and send an immediate alert.

Panoramic Cameras and PTZ

You can achieve full situational awareness with the ability to home in on things happening in a scene. Panoramic cameras give you wall-to-wall coverage; combine them with auto tracking PTZs for a seamless proactive and reactive environment.

Intelligent Video System (IVS) Analytics with Real-Time Smart Surveillance Data

Keeping up with new features and technologies is a hassle, so our operator-intuitive options make it easy to start using IVS analytics today. Below is a handy reference guide to help you find which smart-surveillance video features might be most useful to you.

Face detection and
License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Effortlessly keep a record of vehicles and people entering and exiting the facility and match them against a list of those who have been there before and/or are pre-approved for entry.

Smart Motion Detection

Utilize motion detection that differentiates between vehicular and human shapes within a scene. Get alerts of problematic occurrences and easily search recorded video to confirm incidents with people or forklifts.


Identify anyone who is loitering in the area to flag potentially problematic behavior.

Perimeter Protection

Enhance tripwire and intrusion detection functions by including an object filter, a highly accurate way to distinguish between people and vehicles without sending false alarms of things like weather and small animals.

Smart Tracking

Take perimeter protection and Smart Motion Detection to the next level with best-in-class speed and accuracy. Smart Tracking controls the pan/tilt/zoom actions of the camera to automatically track moving humans and vehicles and keep the target in the scene.

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