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Meet WizMind, the high-end AI camera series for large installations

By | November 19, 2020

Following on the heels of the recent rebranding of our product lines into two new categories, we’re breaking down the differences between WizSense and WizMind, by introducing you to each category. In our last post, we discussed the ins and outs of WizSense (pronounced “Wise Sense”), and in this post, we’ll explore the WizMind series (“Wise Mind”) in more detail.

This new streamlined branding makes it easier for dealers and end users to determine which technology line will include the level of analytics needed for a particular installation. Where WizSense is a more foundational series designed for small to mid-sized users, WizMind is a high-end AI series that provides advanced analytics for ultimate performance. Built on a powerful AI chip and industry-leading deep learning algorithms, WizMind gives users a wide variety of options, including models with features such as privacy protection, video metadata, highly accurate people counting, heat mapping, smart tracking and contact-free human temperature monitoring.

WizMind is designed to meet the requirements of high-end vertical markets with complex demands, such as finance, retail, stadiums, energy, refineries, and transportation.

Like the WizSense series, WizMind cameras offer flexibility in system design and deployment with a range of form factors. The series comprises 4MP bullet and eyeball cameras, 4MP and 5MP dome cameras, and cameras built for specialized applications, including 5MP and 12MP fisheye cameras, multi-sensors, thermal cameras and PTZs. Rounding out a complete solution are compatible NVR and Penta-brid recorders available in 4TB, 8TB, and 10TB models.

Regardless of whether the WizSense or WizMind series is right for your application, you will benefit from powerful solutions that take security farther with advanced analytics that deliver deeper insights, increased security and time-saving alerts.

Discover which series is right for you with this handy chart.

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