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Steve Wilber

Training Manager

Steve Wilber is a Training Manager at Dahua Technology USA, with over 20 years of experience in training, sales, marketing and product management. Prior to joining Dahua, Steve worked exclusively in the manufacturing side of the industry. Steve has authored numerous articles for Security magazines, and has been a speaker at ISC and other major industry expositions.

Recent articles by Steve: 

Recent Posts

Which Panoramic Camera Goes Where?

| Blog | No Comments
Make sure you get the most out of our panoramic cameras...

Dahua’s Green Manufacturing Promotes Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction

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Dahua is committed to improve its sustainable development capabilities and to make continuous efforts in building a greener and safer digital world by developing innovative solutions that can help conserve energy and reduce carbon emission.

TiOC Technology Proves There is Still a Place for PTZs

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Jennifer HackenburgProduct Marketing Director Location, location, location really matters when it comes to deploying the right camera at the right place and for the right application. Over the past few decades, technology for the security industry has changed drastically, resulting in better post-forensic details for identifying unwanted activity. As advances…

Does adding a Video Management System Scare You?

| Blog, jennifer | No Comments
Jennifer HackenburgProduct Marketing Director The security industry is continuously evolving as new hi-tech security cameras are developed every day. But, what is the best way to organize and record these devices for the highest efficiency in managing your overall security system? There are several ways to record security video. The…

Who’s Who? Differentiating VU-MORE from Other Cameras and Knowing When to Recommend It

| Blog, jennifer | No Comments
Jennifer HackenburgProduct Marketing Director The VU-MORE camera’s standout features are that it can analyze lighting conditions and motion in its field of view to activate IR or white-light illumination depending on light levels. This is not our only camera that does this; however, we’re proud to give our dealers and…
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