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Steve Wilber

Training Manager

Steve Wilber is a Training Manager at Dahua Technology USA, with over 20 years of experience in training, sales, marketing and product management. Prior to joining Dahua, Steve worked exclusively in the manufacturing side of the industry. Steve has authored numerous articles for Security magazines, and has been a speaker at ISC and other major industry expositions.

Recent articles by Steve: 

Recent Posts

Who’s Who? Differentiating VU-MORE from Other Cameras and Knowing When to Recommend It

| Blog | No Comments
The VU-MORE camera’s standout features are that it can analyze lighting conditions and motion in its field of view to activate IR or white-light illumination depending on light levels. This is not our only camera that does this; however, we’re proud to give our dealers and end users more options…

Our New TiOC Cameras Mark 10 Years of HDCVI

| Blog, jennifer | No Comments
Jennifer HackenburgProduct Marketing Director Meaningful milestones are meant to be celebrated, so we are particularly excited to mark the 10th anniversary of our patented High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) technology. Launched in 2012, HDCVI continues to deliver on the promise of lowering costs and maximizing return on investment by…

How a Video Monitoring Solution Can Ensure a Smarter Security for a Variety of Applications

| Blog, damon | No Comments
Damon ChouSolutions Product Marketing Manager Dahua Video Monitoring Solutions Are Smart Security What is a video monitoring solution?  Think of it like a traditional security alarm service but with live video that monitors sensitive areas 24/7. As compared to traditional video monitoring services that require a person to be physically…

Cybersecurity: How to secure your Network Video Security System, Part 2

| Blog, steve | No Comments
Steve WilberTraining Manager In part 1 of “How to secure your Network Video Security system”, we covered Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Geolocation restrictions. In addition to those important methods, there are more features to take advantage of that can improve overall security. Disabling Unneeded Services IP devices as well as online…

How Proactive Video Monitoring Improves Security

| Blog, jennifer | No Comments
Jennifer HackenburgProduct Marketing Director Proactive video monitoring takes an active approach toward preventing security incidents rather than just capturing footage of them. Our new Three-in-One Camera (TiOC) uses analytics at the edge to provide three different ways to deter unwanted incidents before they occur. What is Passive Video Surveillance? First,…
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