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Dahua PoE 2.0 Switches

PoE Watchdog (PD Alive)

802.3bt 90W (Red Ports)

Long Distance PoE

Intelligent PoE

PoE Watchdog (PD Alive)

It offers 24/7 real-time monitoring PD (power device) status. If a PD crashes, the switch will automatically detect the failure and restart the device. This feature can save users time and avoid the hassle of manually restarting the IPC.

802.3bt 90W (Red Port)

Our PoE switches are in compliance with the latest international standard IEEE 802.3bt and can provide 90W PoE output. High-power PDs (up to 90W) are now supported by our red port PoE. (Only for switches with the power budgets greater than 90W)

Long Distance PoE

Breaking the 320ft (98m) limitation, the Dahua PoE switch series can deliver a 820ft (250m) long distance transmission. It can adapt to many challenging locations and offers cost-effective installation.

Intelligent PoE

Each port of Dahua PoE switches is differenciated by priority. If the power supply doesn’t meet the power consumption, our switches will instanly detect the problem, guaranteeing the stable operation of crucial devices.

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