Artificial Intelligence Key Benefits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology brings a new level of video surveillance analytics to the security industry. Dahua’s deep learning algorithms enable AI devices to perceive and learn the environment so when something abnormal is detected, authorities can quickly respond before a situation arises. The first devices within the new AI Series include front-end cameras and back-end storage for facial recognition and a 3D people counting camera.

Situational Awareness

Dahua’s Deep Learning algorithms provide human facial feature extraction, real-time facial snapshots, and a comparison database of up to 10,000 face images and 5 libraries, all on-board the 2MP Face Recognition AI Network Camera.

Response Time

Dahua’s new facial recognition technology alerts operators of persons of interest via the 128CH Intelligent Network Video Recorder. Designed for places with high throughput traffic, this critical tool provides identity match for unwanted visitors with 98% accuracy.

Video Surveillance

Dahua is changing passive surveillance with proactive video capabilities to help prevent incidents before they occur. The 256CH Intelligent Network Video Recorder offers live viewing, video decoding & deep learning facial recognition all in one device.

Business Intelligence

Dahua helps you work on your business rather than in your business with valuable demographics on customers and targeting key areas that draw traffic with the 3MP Dual-sensor People Counting AI Network Camera.

Beyond Traditional Security

Key Features in Deep Learning

Identifies Persons of Interest

Superior situational awareness where known offenders or estranged family members can be added to the database so if they approach the premises, an alert is triggered.

  • Dahua’s algorithms pinpoint multiple areas of interest on a person’s face for deeper analysis
  • Facial feature filtering displays only those faces that meet target criteria with up to 98% accuracy
  • Stranger mode detects a face not stored in the database and triggers an alarm, takes a snapshot or records the face for further scrutiny

Provides Business Intelligance

Improve customer service by setting rules to send alerts when, for example, cashiers’ lines are getting long.  It will alert you to the situation to be addressed.

  • People counting helps determine the flow in designated areas and aids in running a more efficient business
  • Provides depth for a higher accuracy of people counting vs. a single sensor camera
  • Ability to distinguish stereo vs. planar objects with increased accuracy (up to 98%)

Preventive Surveillance at Events

More granular alerts can be trigged in searches which are abnormal such as, if small backpacks are commonly carried by visitors but a large backpack is captured.  This abnormality will trigger an alert.

  • Advanced technology creates the ability to perceive and learn the environment to help predict abnormalities before an event occurs
  • Ideal for applications that require entrance/exit management
  • Provides valuable information on visitors to a designated area

Captures Human Characteristics

Proactive searches improve critical incident response such as, if a child or person goes missing at a mall or other public place a description is provided to security who can search the database for specific identifiers like color of clothing.

  • Extracts and categorizes features including age, gender, expression and whether the target wears glasses or sports facial hair
  • Real Time Filtering of Human Faces, Fast Search: only displays faces with targeted features
  • Data collected can be useful in identifying trends to improve business or providing better search protocols for missing people in public settings