Smart Motion Detection (SMD)

Surveillance systems that send false motion activated alarms triggered by extreme weather conditions, leaves rustling in the wind and animals moving throughout the scene are not only annoying, but are also counterproductive when running a business. Dahua’s Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is an ideal solution for low populated areas where you want an alert for people or vehicles anywhere in the scene without having to set rules and draw lines.

Ease of Set-up

SMD can be enabled for humans or motor vehicles with just one click via the web interface, without configuring lines. Thanks to the ability to detect motion from anywhere in the scene, nothing has to be re-configured even if the camera is moved.

Reduce False Alarms

When a Dahua SMD camera is paired with an SMD enabled recorder, advanced algorithms are used to differentiate and send an alarm when human and vehicular shapes are detected. False alerts are filtered for up to 95% accuracy, saving customers the hassle of unwanted alarms.

Quick Target Search

Additionally, with an SMD solution, video data can be extracted and classified for humans and vehicles, making it easy to play back, review and retrieve historical information.

Ease of Installation

Smart Motion Detection alerts can be viewed on the Mobile DMSS app for iOS and Android. For more information on compatibility and set-up  visit the Dahua Wiki.

Products that Feature SMD

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