Elevator Control Module

The DHI-VTM416 is an elevator control module that can manage permission controls for up to 16 floors. The DHI-VTM416 can scale to control up to 128 total floors by cascading 7 additional DHI-VTM416 programs as sub-mode. The module supports the RS-485 interface, two alarm outputs, and 6 alarm inputs. There is also an emergency release via the alarm input to have all floor access unlock in the case of a triggered alarm.  The module can summon elevators to the VTO floor when used with a Dahua VTO.

Model Number: DHI-VTM416 Category: Tags: ,


  • Connection to Two (2) RS-485 Readers
  • Supports 8 Cascading, Up to 128 Floors Permission Control
  • Six (6) Alarm Inputs, Two (2) Alarm Outputs
  • Stores up to 30,000 alarm records and log records
  • Supports Up to 60 Elevator Control Modules
  • Floor Permissions Automatically Released if Fire Alarm Triggered
  • Remote Control via Web Client

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