Accessories for Mobile Devices

For use with Mobile HDCVI Cameras, IP Cameras, and HDCVI DVRs


Type Number Capacity Cache Size
SATA Hard Disk Drive
1 TB 32 MB 2.5 in.
SSD Hard Disk Drives
1 TB 2.5 in.

M12 4-pin Aviation Cables

Type Number Coding Length
Network Cables MC-DF4-DM4-3 D-coding 3.0 m (9.84 ft)
MC-DF4-DM4-6 D-coding 6.0 m (19.68 ft)
MC-DF4-DM4-12 D-coding 12.0 m (39.37 ft)
MC-DF4-DM4-18 D-coding 18.0 m (59.06 ft)
HDCVI Cables MC-AF4-AM4-3 A-coding 3.0 m (9.84 ft)
MC-AF4-AM4-6 A-coding 6.0 m (19.68 ft)
MC-AF4-AM4-12 A-coding 12.0 m (39.37 ft)
MC-AF4-AM4-18 A-coding 18.0 m (59.06 ft)

VGA Cable

Type Number Description Length
MC-AF10-DBF15 Mobile VGA Converter 250.0 mm (9.84 in.)


MP06Working Mode Full Duplex Full duplex two-way microphone
Operation Mode Button
Audio Input: One (1) Channel
Output: One (1) Channel
Pickup Range 900 mm (35.43 in.)


MA-PB01 Mobile Recorder Protective Enclosure
Dimensions 239.40 mm x 349.90 mm x 144.70 mm

(9.43 in. x 13.78 in. x 5.70 in.)

Weight 3.65 kg (8.05 lb)

Camera Shroud

Type Number Description
PFA201W For use with HDCVI and Network Wedge Cameras