Tech Tips and Updates

Extending Cable distances

Ever need to connect a monitor or camera further away than the standard connection allows? Well, Dahua’s got a number of solutions to help you fix that!


Connecting an IP camera over existing Coax cable

If you are tasked with upgrading or replacing an existing Analog Video security system to IP, you can easily re-use the coax cable already in place. Just use the LR1002-1EC Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Receiver with the LR1002-1ET EoC Transmitter and you can connect any ONVIF PoE camera to any ONVIF PoE NVR. If you’re upgrading with a Dahua ePoE IP camera and NVR, you can use the less expensive LR1002 Passive converters over Coax cable.


Connecting a IP PoE camera up to 250m

A standard PoE camera allows a single CAT 5/6 cable run up to 100m. If you need a little more distance without much additional cost, use Long Distance (LD-PoE) technology. Select Dahua PoE Switches support LD-PoE, that allow a standard PoE IP camera to be connected up to 250m from the LD-PoE switch. Just enable the LD-PoE switch on the front panel, and you’re good to go.


Connect an IP PoE camera up to 800m

You’ve likely heard about Dahua’s innovative Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE) technology. ePoE Cameras and matching NVR’s allow powered connection up to 800m for super long distances. Saves money by eliminating additional midspan devices.


Connecting an 1080p HDMI or VGA monitor extended distances

If you need to extend your HDMI LCD monitor beyond the maximum 50’ distance, use the PFM700E HDMI Extender up to 60m (197 feet). For connecting up to a 1920×1080 VGA monitor beyond the 25’ maximum distance, use the PFM710 VGA Extender which allows for 35m (115 feet) distance. Both Extenders use CAT 5/6 for low cost connectivity.