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Think You Know HDCVI? Think Again

By | October 9, 2019

HDCVI has been around for years. First introduced by Dahua in 2012, its primary purpose was to provide high definition video over coaxial cable. The HDCVI line of cameras and recorders has expanded since then to include a host of cutting-edge technologies.

HDCVI cameras are available in fisheye, PTZ, multi-sensor, and covert options as well as traditional fixed models, and some include options such as Starlight technology, True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), or 4K resolution. Select hybrid HDCVI recorders have Smart H.265+ allowing more data be captured with a lower impact to the unit’s storage. Penta-brid technology makes HDCVI recorders compatible with the five most commonly used video formats (HDCVI, TVI, AHD, CVBS and IP) providing added flexibility. The latest innovations in HDCVI products are Smart Motion Detection and Night Color.


Smart Motion Detection for HDCVI

Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is now available in our HDCVI 4K penta-brid recorder (X82A3A). SMD’s most exciting feature of is its false alarm filter for perimeter protection. It uses a deep learning algorithm to differentiate human and vehicle classification, while also reducing false alarms caused by animals, camera shaking, plants and trees moving in the wind, and other irrelevant objects. SMD also comprises Quick Target Search. This classifies and extracts people and vehicles from the video database, letting users find and analyze historical information quickly and easily. The alarm visualization is also greatly improved with SMD, displaying a more accurate tracking box around a moving subject.

Other perks of this recorder are a maximum storage capacity of 2 HDD at 10 TB each and compatibility with any HDCVI camera. Learn more here.


Night Color for HDCVI

Two new, 4MP, HDCVI cameras (A42BJAZ and A42BJA2) have Night Color for optimal light sensitivity in low-light environments. Night Color is exactly what it sounds like: nighttime images are captured in vivid color in as little as one lux of ambient light. Remarkably, the images remain in color without a cut filter or IR illumination. Using a large aperture, the 1/1.79” CMOS lens filters a higher amount of absorbed light and results in up to two times the brightness of a standard IR camera. See it in action here.

Night Color saves significant energy as well. The power consumption of a normal surveillance camera is around 8-12W due to IR LEDs turning on, while the maximum power consumption of a Night Color camera is under 4W.

Night Color is extraordinary because it lets users rely on clear and detailed images in dark conditions. Even with minimal lighting conditions such as streetlamps, Night Color cameras deliver full-color images beyond the point where other cameras produce monochrome images. This means Night Color cameras provide relevant video 24/7. Our 4MP, HDCVI, Night Color cameras are available in an “eyeball” form factor with a fixed or vari-focal lens. See available products here.


What Are You Waiting For?

With no shortage of options and features, HDCVI’s day in the sun is long overdue. Combined with its attractive price point and flexible options for maximizing the use of existing infrastructure, users don’t need to settle for second rate when selecting HDCVI over IP. Learn more about our entire HDCVI line of products here.

About Dahua Technology USA

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