Tim Wang

Product Marketing Director

Tim Wang is President and CEO of Dahua Technology USA and Dahua Canada. He began leading a team dedicated to the North American market in 2012. In 2014, he established Dahua’s first overseas subsidiary, Dahua Technology USA. With direct personal experience in product, engineering and sales, Tim brings his diverse expertise to bear on building Dahua’s deep customer relationships in the U.S. He also holds an MBA degree.

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How Modern Camera Technology Can Improve Security and ROI in One System

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For years, cameras have helped businesses of all types improve their security. But what if your camera could not only reduce the risk of theft and intrusion, but also improve your ability to make smarter business decisions, too? That’s the promise of the latest generation of camera technology. Using advanced…

5 Things Night Color 2.0 Can Do

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Low-light security cameras have come a long way since standard Infrared (IR) LEDs were introduced as a way of capturing better images at night. Thanks to Dahua’s low-light technology such as Starlight and Night Color it is now possible to see full-color images in dark environments. With our next generation…

Cybersecurity: How to Secure your Networked Security System, Part 1

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Learn about new security features in modern Network Video Recorders (NVR) to secure your system from unauthorized use. Many new options are available that further reduce risk, such as disabling unneeded services, restricting access by IP or MAC address, and many other techniques

Technical Support Matters, and Here’s How We Do It

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Leveraging our Technical Support team’s Dahua product knowledge and years of experience in the industry combined with a customer-first communication channel creates the best possible environment to ensure that our customers get the solutions they need in an efficient and reliable manner.

Dahua Eureka!
10 Things Our Entry-Level Thermal Camera Can Find

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Thermal cameras are no longer a specialty item reserved for high-end, high-budget applications. We’re pleased to announce the Eureka line, our new, economical, entry-level thermal cameras, great for small- and medium-sized businesses: the Eureka line.