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TiOC Technology Proves There is Still a Place for PTZs

By | November 4, 2022

Jennifer Hackenburg
Product Marketing Director

Location, location, location really matters when it comes to deploying the right camera at the right place and for the right application. Over the past few decades, technology for the security industry has changed drastically, resulting in better post-forensic details for identifying unwanted activity. As advances in new technologies have emerged, there has been concern about the relevance of the once extremely popular Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras.

TiOC: A PTZ with a Proactive Purpose

Today, getting the most out of your PTZ camera means using it together with fixed megapixel cameras for even greater security. For example, small, fixed cameras can be placed in areas the PTZ may miss. Additionally, a PTZ may pick up on details that the fixed camera can’t due to the distance.

Although standard security options can be effective with real-time alerts of an intruder, such systems are often reliant on the availability of a security manager or law enforcement arriving on scene to intervene before an incident occurs. But imagine a new kind of all-in-one device that could deter an event from happening, all while recording in full color, sounding an alarm, initiating a voice prompt, and tracking a suspect in real-time!

Dahua’s Three-in-One Camera (TiOC) PTZ, 6C3425XBPV, is just that device. The TiOC PTZ is a four-megapixel network camera with 25x optical zoom that can be configured to alert when humans and vehicles cross a user-defined line.

The auto-tracking feature can be triggered manually or automatically by defined rules. Once a rule is triggered, the TiOC PTZ flashes red and blue lights and an audio warning sounds to alert the person. The camera then tracks the moving object until the target is no longer visible or the user-defined tracking time expires.

Feature Sets Aplenty

To grasp the full crime-fighting potential of the TiOC, consider the camera’s ability to proactively discourage unwanted behavior with four distinct alerting techniques when paired with a Dahua AI-enabled recorder:

  • IR white-light illumination
  • Flashing red and blue lights
  • Audio warning
  • Siren

High-value video is achieved even at night with Smart Dual Illumination Mode, an AI algorithm for intelligent switching between IR and white-light illuminators. With Smart Motion Detection, the camera’s warm-light illuminators turn on when a target enters a defined monitoring area.

The PTZ commences recording in full color for as long as the target is present, with the LEDs acting as illumination for the recording and a deterrent to unwanted behavior. When the target leaves the defined monitoring area, the LEDs turn off and the camera reverts to IR mode.

Should a target pass into a more narrowly defined area of interest or “rule area,” the TiOC’s active alarm will sound and the camera’s red and blue lights begin flashing to further warn the intruder.

But the deterrence doesn’t stop there. A prerecorded or custom message is played through the camera’s speaker or security personnel can address the intruder via two-way talk with Dahua’s enhanced VoiceCatcher technology.

Among other feature sets, the camera uses Smart H.265+ and Smart H.264+ video compression to improve encoding efficiency while preserving high-quality video. The TiOC is engineered with quick and accurate PTZ control and True WDR for applications with direct sunlight or glare.

To learn more about TiOC technology, including products and specifications, go here.

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