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3 Reasons to Use LPR Technology in Parking Lots

By | September 24, 2020

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is often spoken of as an application for collecting license plate data of vehicles traveling on highways and city streets. As such, parking lot management is a sometimes-overlooked beneficiary of LPR technology. Parking lot management with LPR provides high return on investment for residential complexes, school campuses, retail parking lots with time restrictions, or any parking facility that would normally require a patrol to make rounds to check for unauthorized vehicles. Here are three reasons to invest in Dahua’s parking solution.

It maximizes efficiency.
LPR gives operators the ability to capture data of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot and provides an overview in real time of every license plate on the premises. The system can track how many cars are parked in a given structure and can analyze how many cars are usually in the structure at a particular time or the average turnaround rate for cars coming and going. Users can even monitor multiple parking lots with one DSS system.

The hotlist control feature allows for up to 10,000 license plates on an “allow” or “block” list per camera. When integrated with a barrier gate, this gives drivers access to the lot without requiring a key card.

It’s highly accurate.
We offer two different LPR camera models, the ITC237 and the ITC215. The ITC215 has a 3.2-10.5 mm motorized lens. It can detect license plates from a distance of 9-26 feet and at a vehicle speed of up to 25 MPH, a good option for parking areas with a gated entrance. The ITC237 has a 10-50 mm motorized lens and can detect plates from a distance of 26-98 feet at a speed of up to 49 MPH. Thanks to AI firmware, both cameras boast a 98-99% accuracy rate in the US states and Canadian provinces where we conducted testing.* The LPR cameras maintain high levels of accuracy even in rainy and snowy conditions.

It’s economical.
The cameras are easy to install and have multiple mounting options, so your LPR solution will be up and running in no time. It supports multiple backends – it can stand alone with an SD card, or be used with an NVR or DSS product – so you may be able to leverage existing equipment. Dahua is pleased to offer this solution at a more cost-efficient price point than competing solutions.

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*As of September 2020, the following states and provinces were still in vetting stages, with high accuracy rate of 95%: AB, AK, AR, CO, HI, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MB, MS, MT, ND, NT, NU, SD, SK, TN, UT, WY, and YT.

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