SMB Gas Station Solution

Elevate the Safety and Profitability of Your Gas Station

Gas stations must have reliable alarm and detection systems to effectively handle challenges such as temperature spikes and robberies. Dahua Technology offers smart security solutions that empower gas station managers to proactively ensure customer and employee safety.


Eliminate blind spots with versatile security equipment.


Detect high-risk actions with advanced video technology.

Early Warning

Receive prompt alarms for proactive incident prevention.

Application Scenarios

Refueling Zones

Enhance customer and employee safety during fueling operations to prevent potential accidents and ensure a secure environment.

Unloading Zones

Prevent unauthorized activities, theft, and potential hazards, during the unloading process for improved operational safety.

Store Entrance

Monitor entrance points to prevent unauthorized access, enhancing overall security and deterring potential threats.

  • Placing a camera and monitor at the entrance alerts customers that the store is under surveillance, providing a safer environment and deterring theft.
  • Increase revenue by advertising specials or partnering with a third party via a monitor with picture-in-picture.

Product Area

Protect product inventory from theft or damage through comprehensive monitoring.

Store Cashier

Safeguard cash-handling areas to reduce theft and fraud while providing a safe environment for customers and employees.


Secure sensitive areas, protecting valuable assets and confidential information.

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