SMB Restaurant Solution

Unlock a new era of restaurant security with Dahua’s SMB (Small-Medium Business) Restaurant Solution. Improve your customers’ dining experience with advanced features that guarantee safety, simplicity, efficiency, and transparency.

Efficient Operations

Streamline your business processes for cost-effective and easy operation.

Real-Time Visibility

Monitor kitchen activities in real-time and receive notifications about suspicious activity on your phone even during off-hours.

Efficiency Boost

Diversify promotions and displays for a dynamic dining experience.

Comprehensive Coverage

Secure all key areas such as entrances and exits, public dining zones, cashier areas, kitchens, and management offices.

Application Scenarios

Entrances & Exits

Make a lasting impression with a secure and welcoming entrances and exits for staff and customers alike.

Public Dining Zones

Create a safe and comfortable atmosphere in public dining areas.

Cashier Area

Safeguard financial transactions with dedicated camera coverage to prevent loss and theft.

Priority Customers

Give priority customers personalized attention by receiving alerts of their arrival.

Kitchen and Cooking Areas

Capture live footage of kitchen and cooking areas to optimize operations in real time.

Queue Management

Prevent extended wait times by receiving notifications when lines become long.

Management Offices

Protect all areas of your restaurant with security measures in administrative areas.

Valet Services

Implement parking lot cameras for valet services to give customers and staff peace of mind.