Office Block Security Solution

Efficient Personnel Management, Secure Working Environment

Managing building safety and daily office operations can be a challenge. An intuitive and reliable security system is a necessity to handle all aspects of building operations—vehicle management, access control, personnel management, identification of potential threats, and service improvement.

Eliminate blind spots with versatile security equipment.

Ensure quick passage of authorized personnel and vehicles.

Streamline security and access control for easy operation and management.

Main Entrance 
Monitor, track activity, and prevent loitering and unwanted guests at the primary entrance point.

Reduce crime and ensure visitor and employee safety with limited elevator access for non-employees.

Monitor for illegal dumping and keep the dumping area safe for waste management personnel.

Detect unusual or suspicious activity with Dahua’s Perimeter Protection function.

Parking Lot Entrance
Ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel entering the parking area.

Public Area
Keep public areas safe for everyone in the office.

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