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Video footage is one of the best security tools to monitor scenes in real time, deter incidents, and perform post-forensic analysis. But, finding a specific individual and tracking their movements from hours of footage can be a daunting, time-consuming task.

Dahua’s AcuPick technology can help you reduce the amount of time spent finding a specific person captured on your security footage. With a single reference image, you can find, track, and identify a specific person of interest. The advanced AcuPick algorithm focuses on human body shape, clothing color, and other differentiators to find where a person has appeared in security footage captured by any AcuPick-enabled camera and NVR. Our new AI algorithm can find other instances of where the POI was recorded based on a user-adjustable similarity setting.

Pair any AcuPick-enabled camera with a Dahua AcuPick-enabled NVR for a full solution.

High Search Efficiency
Quickly and accurately locate recorded video clips of people/vehicles, saving up to 99% search time.

Low Operational Cost
Reduce operational cost without the need for an expensive server.

Ease of Operation
Extract just 1 pic of a person or vehicle to narrow your search of additional places found.


Dahua’s AcuPick technology requires an AcuPick-enabled camera and NVR for full functionality. Combined, the system uses an advanced algorithm to focus and extract specific characteristics of a target’s appearance such as shape and color. AcuPick features high search efficiency to help quickly and accurately locate additional places the target appeared at distinct times on the same or different AcuPick cameras.


The AcuPick-enabled camera and NVR effectively processes data with their combined intelligent computing power. The system can be used without a server for scenarios with fewer than 32 channels, making it suitable for small- and medium-sized applications.


AcuPick improves retrieval efficiency by providing easier operations, faster search functions, and higher accuracy. Furthermore, it is useful for various precise retrieval scenarios, reducing manpower and operational maintenance costs.

AcuPick – Ease of Operation

AcuPick allows users to search for specific persons or vehicles of interest in a video preview or playback with a single selection. Users can freeze video footage and focus on a selected target with just one click.

Users can draw an intrusion rule to search for video clips during Smart Motion Detection (SMD) playback to easily identify the human or vehicle target that entered the intrusion area.

AcuPick Search Technology

Dahua’s AcuPick Search Technology is now integrated with DSS Pro V8.3, delivering an advanced security platform to manage all your security solutions. This platform is now powered by an innovative search technology that effortlessly locates people and vehicles. With DSS Pro, you can utilize the AcuPick search engine to conduct object searches from live view or playback, and even import images for more focused search results.

AcuPick Solutions Feature Comparison Table

Ideal for scenarios with two or more AcuPick NVRs, where DSS serves as the central database to aggregate all AcuPick objects.  

This is the best choice for a comprehensive AcuPick solution, as you utilize DSS Pro as the central database where AcuPick search results reside, while also benefiting from local AcuPick NVRs serving as redundancy or individual stations where personnel can conduct their AcuPick searches. This additional layer of redundancy provides reassurance in case DSS Pro or the NVRs are not reachable.

AcuPick Search Results: From DSS Pro Database

Ideal for operations solely reliant on DSS Pro and AcuPick cameras, with no need for NVR’s.

For projects that aim to use DSS Pro 8.3 as the backbone of their operations, this is ideal for jobs that require AcuPick IPCs to scale with the company. As long as you have the AcuPick module activated with DSS Pro 8.3, you can continue to add more AcuPick IPCs to grow with the business.

AcuPick Search Results: From DSS Pro Database

Ideal for projects where the AcuPick camera count is not expected to exceed the channel size of a single NVR

This solution is ideal for those planning to select a single AcuPick NVR and pair it with AcuPick cameras, as they anticipate the operation’s size will not exceed the NVR’s maximum channel count and that a second AcuPick NVR will not be required. This approach is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

AcuPick Search Results: From NVR Database

License Type Description Notes
DSS AcuPick License Unlocks the AcuPick Module in DSS Pro v8.3 1 x DSS AcuPick License (Needed for every AcuPick setup)
DSS8PRVB DSS Pro V8 video base license which includes 16 video channels (IPC, NVR, LPR). This base license is required in order to purchase additional video channel licenses. Required to purchase additional channel license
DSS8PRV One video channel license of DSSPro V8, this license can be used for one channel IPC or NVR or ANPR. For every additional video channel required beyond the 16 channels provided in the base license

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