Deter Crime Before It Happens

A Proactive Approach to Video Monitoring

Monitor full-color video at night using integrated white-light LEDs.

Employ intelligent triggers to activate flashing lights and sound as a deterrent.

Engage in real-time communication with visitors through the built-in microphone and speaker.

Extent audio capture capabilities over greater distances with dual microphone system.

Features and Benefits

– Two-Way Talk Communication: Swiftly and efficiently communicate with associates, visitors, or unwanted guest using the camera’s two-way talk feature, security and interaction.
– Automated Audio Messages: Deliver pre-recorded audio messages when real-time communications isn’t feasible, ensuring information is relayed effectively even with no one is present.
– Personnel Efficiency: Streamline operations and reduce on-site personnel requirements, optimizing resource allocation and cost savings.

How TiOC Works

Dahua’s Three-in-One camera series, combines the best of both low-light technologies (Enhanced Starlight and Basic Night Color) into an all-in-one deterrent device. With warm-light LEDs, active alarm support, red and blue flashing lights, and two-way talk, our TiOC series helps you take a proactive approach to security and stop incidents before they occur. While traditional security cameras struggle to render usable video at night, our TiOC cameras are equipped with Smart Illumination technology to provide clear images even in low-light conditions. The built-in LEDs can be used with Smart Motion Detection technology to light a target when it moves into the TiOC’s field of view and act as a deterrent.

While the monitoring area is quiet without motion, the camera records in black and white with its standard IR illuminators on.

  • Once the monitoring area is activated, the smart illuminator turns the whitelight illuminators on so the scene can be recorded in full-color; an alert is sent to the manager.
  • When the rule area is activated, an automatic pre-recorded audio message can be triggered such as “An associate will be with you in a moment” or a live person can speak to the delivery driver via the camera’s two-way talk.
  • Thanks to the dual microphone, audio communication is clear and without noise artifacts.

Once the warehouse closes for the night, the camera can be set up to flash red and blue deterrent lights if motion is detected within the Rule Area. A pre-recorded audio message and/or live two-way talk can be used to communicate with the person.

Once the target leaves the area, the white lights turn off and the IR illuminator turns back on.

Specialty TiOC Cameras

Dahua solutions are a cost effective way to prevent crimes and dangerous situations and enable better responses and investigations when they do happen. The new TiOC PTZ camera allows for a more efficient, proactive approach to safety management and crime deterrence.

The TiOC’s Analytics+ allows you to keep the wrong people out of areas that are a safety hazard, security breach, or a concern for theft or vandalism. Analytics+ works both day and night and can be used to increase the security of perimeters and restricted areas. With advanced tripwire and intrusion for perimeter protection, humans and/or vehicles can be filtered based on the user’s criteria. There are many benefits to using TiOC’s Analytics+: increase operator efficiency; less false alarms due to small animals, swaying trees, weather, and fluctuating light; faster post-event searches.

Whether it’s an intentional or natural disaster, the sights, sounds and tracking ability of a TiOC camera can help operators make informed decisions and provide guidance to emergency personnel. Our full line of
TiOC cameras provides the situational awareness and visual verification you need to be effective in emergency situations.

The red and blue flashing lights send a visual alert when a crime is happening. The integrated audio allows security personnel to communicate with potential suspects and victims, allowing operators to take immediate action. By combining video, warning lights, and audio, crime prevention is taken to the next level by slowing down an event so emergency personnel can respond. With auto-tracking, the 25x optical zoom can follow the defined target across multiple scenes so the person’s location can be identified.

License plate recognition (LPR) technology is an effective way to monitor and manage vehicle entrances and exits, traffic, and parking lots. Dahua’s LPR cameras give you the power to handle any vehicle incidents effectively and quickly. Our Three-in-One (TiOC) LPR cameras automatically capture and recognize vehicle license plate numbers and letters. When the camera is used with our DSS video management system, an operator can perform a license plate search by time and date or by entering the specific license plate number.

Parking Lot Entrance Management

Our DSS video management system can manage multiple parking lot entrance and exit points and ANPR cameras. The system can accurately determine how many vehicles are in a lot based on the number of entrances and exits there are. You can also set the number or parking spaces for a parking lot manually in DSS.

Intruder Deterrence

Dahua’s intruder deterrence stops intruders in their tracks with active alarm cameras. Dahua’s active alarm cameras work in two ways:

  • Creates multiple layers of alarms on the exterior of your property with sirens, red and blue flashing lights, and two-way audio
  • Collects all defining characteristics with Night Color and other low-light technology

Dahua Integration

Our Digital Surveillance System (DSS) VMS provides a hub-and-spoke approach for users to do the following:

  • Scale to additional locations
  • Increase number of cameras affordably
  • Instantly share usable data across multiple locations
  • View analytics in one central platform
  • Save with no recurring license fees

DMSS is a free mobile app for remote monitoring, video playback, push notifications, device initialization, and remote configuration.