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Dahua Technology provides grow houses and dispensaries with innovative security infrastructure to maximize profits while minimizing losses and expenses. From future-proof solutions that allow for easy expansion to cost effective equipment with robust features, Dahua products are the top choice to Protect Your Green.

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Dahua’s cameras are equipped with perimeter protection to reduce losses by theft or animals. Perimeter protection helps detect unusual or suspicious activity by doing the following:

  • Gives an overview of the entire property with on-demand details such as vehicle and people classification
  • Works with thermal camera for locating hidden threats


Dahua’s intruder deterrence stops intruders in their tracks with active alarm cameras. Dahua’s active alarm cameras work in two ways:

  • Creates multiple layers of alarms on the exterior of your property with sirens, red and blue flashing lights, and two-way audio
  • Collects all defining characteristics with night color and the best low light technology


Dahua’s entrance/exit management ensures only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter the premises. The entrance/exit management function has the following features to ensure the safety of the facility and personnel:

  • Captures vehicle license plates at the entrance gate
  • Opens gates automatically for authorized license plates
  • Marks different types of registered vehicles with different colors


Dahua’s DSS system gives real-time visual alerts about the business anywhere. The DSS system boasts the following features to ensure the safety and security of the facility:

  • Displays popup window with images of alert trigger to determine if an incident is occurring
  • Designates email alerts for specific recipients
  • Provides real-time alarm notifications using the DSS mobile app


Thermal cameras detect flame or abnormal excessive heat in the estate which can help prevent fires, protect property, and ensure employee safety. Dahua’s thermal cameras have the following features to keep the facility safe:

  • Detect rapid rises in temperature and triggers an alarm
  • Alert first responders with more advanced warning of the hazard


Dahua’s cameras provide real-time monitoring of employees’ work conditions to determine if employees are following the procedures and regulations. The cameras can help improve employee performance by providing the following benefits:

  • Provide evidence of internal theft
  • Monitor employee efficiency
  • Identify employee training needs


Limiting access to specific areas is critical for compliance and optimized operations. With Dahua’s access control functionality, companies are able to ensure the highest level of security with the following features:

  • Limit employee access to defined work areas through cards, fingerprints, or faces
  • Record footage on security cameras once a door opens
  • Detect break-ins and send timely alerts to security with Smart Analytics+ cameras


Dahua’s mobile remote monitoring allows companies to see what is happening inside of their facilities no matter the location or time zone. Remote monitoring allows companies to perform highly important security measures:

  • View a facility’s operation status
  • Receive alert notifications instantly to determine if security actions are needed


Dahua’s mobile video security products allow companies to keep track on assets as they travel. Dahua’s mobile video security products protects assets by doing the following:

  • Identify geographic location of delivery vehicles with the mobile recorder’s dedicated GPS device
  • Create out-of-bound rules using the mobile recorder’s Geo-fencing feature to send alerts if a vechicle travels outside of its designated zone


Dahua’s technology features video data analytics based on customer behavior, which provides the necessary information for the best store layout and design. Our technology allows for stores to do the following:

  • Determine high and low traffic areas
  • Optimize product & advertisement placement for higher sales
  • Track ROI on specific promotion items based on historical data
  • Monitor dwell time of customer to highlight suspicious activity or if assistance is needed


Dahua provides an open and flexible solution that supports various integration needs. Dahua’s POS integration allows companies to do the following:

  • Consolidate POS sales data to understand sales trends and areas needing improvement
  • Overlay POS transaction on camera live view
  • Integrate third-party systems via API/SDK


Dahua’s video security system boasts superior flexibility. As businesses grow, Dahua solutions adapt to the changing needs of the business by doing the following:

  • Allow your company the flexibility to expand
  • Account for multiple users with different requirements
  • Keeps systems up to date with the newest technologies using Edge Analytics