MAP Policy

Unauthorized Resellers and Warranty Disclaimer

Dahua is committed to the reliability, quality and functionality of our products. We back our products by best-in-class tech support, and we vet our authorized resellers closely to ensure that they provide top-tier support to their end users. We proudly stand behind our product warranties, which are valid only for products purchased through authorized channels.

Unfortunately, not all resellers are authorized resellers of Dahua, and we do not support products purchased from unauthorized channels. This is to protect our own business as well as our resellers and customers.

When purchasing from an unauthorized reseller, you may be purchasing a product that is not backed by any warranty or support services. The product could be counterfeit, malfunctioning or defective, used, configured for a market outside of North America, or non-compliant with current regulations and standards. For these reasons, we strongly advise against purchasing products from an unauthorized reseller.

Though this is not a comprehensive list, the following resellers are NOT authorized to sell Dahua products:

  • 123 Security Products
  • Adorama
  • Amazon
  • CTI Computech
  • DVRunlimited
  • EBay
  • Gizmosfor life
  • JMAC Supply
  • Newegg
  • PCRush
  • POS Global
  • Provantage
  • SupplyCCTV
  • Surveilent
  • Surveillance-Video
  • Uniquepos

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you are looking for an authorized re-seller in your area, please contact us as

If you like to report MAP violations, please reach out to us at

You can download our MAP Policy here.