Gaming & Casino Security Camera Systems

How can you improve your casino surveillance system?

Gaming operations are no strangers to security. The question is not whether to invest in security solutions, but how security solutions can help a casino operate more efficiently across multiple departments with multiple needs. Everyone from loss prevention, to casino management, to client concierge will benefit from advanced video analytics and easy integration with existing software and infrastructure. We can provide a complete solution, end-to-end, or individual devices that are interoperable with what you’re already using.

Video Management System (VMS)

If you’re happy with your existing VMS, we have solutions that will complement it and bring technology to the edge, taking the load off the central server. Our AI security analytics augment what your VMS is already doing.

If you opt to use our Digital Surveillance System (DSS) VMS, our hub-and-spoke approach gives you everything at your fingertips from one central platform that’s easily accessible. You can:

  • Scale from a single location to multiple locations
  • Add more cameras for less money
  • Share usable data across multiple locations.
  • View analytics and instantly transfer data across all sites to improve efficiency of security and operations, with no recurring license fees.
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Casino-Grade, Low-Light Surveillance Cameras

Get an image in full-color resolution with clean, sharp features even in the widely variable lighting conditions that are present in casinos. Our Night Color and Starlight+ cameras ensure high frame rates without sacrificing image clarity.

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Intelligent Video System (IVS) Analytics with Real-Time Smart Surveillance Data

Keeping up with new features and technologies is a hassle, so our operator-intuitive options make it easy to start using IVS Analytics today. Below is a handy reference guide on which smart-surveillance video features might be most useful to you.

Heat Mapping

Better understand traffic patterns through the casino and adjust operations and layout accordingly.

People counting and flow management

Get an accurate, real-time count on the total number of occupants compared to occupancy restrictions. Get reports on the daily flow of customers to understand peak periods and update staffing.

Queue management

Receive an alert when there are a lot of people congregating and more tables need to be opened up.

Face detection and
License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Identify known troublemakers and VIPs and respond to them as soon as they enter the facility – or even as soon as their car pulls into the parking lot. Identify newcomers so sales and marketing know whom to approach about new membership options.

Smart Motion Detection

Utilize motion detection that is not prone to false alarms and differentiates between human and vehicular shapes within a scene, at up to 95% accuracy.


Identify anyone who is loitering in the area to flag potentially problematic behavior.

How to Update Your Video Security System

Ethernet over Coax (EoC) and HDCVI

If you need to value-engineer your system changeover in phases, Ethernet over Coax technology lets you upgrade coaxial infrastructure to IP without replacing cables. EoC delivers long-range data and power transmission with the ease of plug-and-play installation.

If you’re not upgrading your analog to IP, or simply upgrading to higher resolution, our full line of HDCVI products extend the usefulness of your legacy systems. HDCVI is compatible with all major analog formats in widespread use. HDCVI recorders (XVRs) serve as a Swiss Army knife that autosense the format that you’re using to run standalone or act as encoders to larger systems.

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