Secure Compliance with Senate Bill 1384

24/7 Security

Record all entrances, firearm displays, and points of sale continuously at 15 fps.

Smart Deterrence

Activate lights and sounds with intelligent triggers for effective deterrence.

Perimeter Protection

Reduce losses by detecting unusual activity with Dahua’s Perimeter Protection function.

Flexible System Growth

Adapt to changing needs with Dahua’s flexible video security system.

8MP AcuPick Starlight+ Network Eyeball Camera

This camera offers detailed, long-distance video security for outdoor and low-light applications.

Web Access Controller

Streamline access control and user management with our single-interface web access controller.

Loss Prevention Training

Train staff, reduce loss, find people quickly, and enhance customer experience with our security solutions.

Enhanced Data Security

Apply the latest encryption and cybersecurity practices to secure your data and network beyond what is required.

Firearm Dealership Security

Meet specific location and identification criteria for SB-1384 by recording and saving all video security for one year.

Interior Firearms Protection and POS Integration

Optimize store layout based on customer behavior, monitor POS transactions, and integrate third-party systems for a comprehensive solution.

Perimeter Protection for Loss Prevention

Detect unusual or suspicious activity with Dahua’s Perimeter Protection function.

Proactive Crime Deterrence

Capture full-color video at night, engage in real-time communication, and use intelligent triggers to deter crime before it happens.

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