Wide Area Surveillance

We don’t like to miss anything and neither should you. Dahua panoramic cameras provide 180°, 270°, and 360° view options that provide wide-area video surveillance for increased situational awareness. Fisheye and Multi-sensor cameras replace multiple single-sensor cameras providing easier installation and a higher return on investment.

Minimize blind spots and improve situational awareness with any Dahua Panoramic camera.





Wide Area Surveillance Where Nothing is Missed.

About the Technology

Sample Image from the Multi-flex™ 4x2MP IP Camera

Unstitched Multi-sensor Technology

Multi-sensor cameras with unstitched images encompass two or more single sensor cameras in one housing for higher efficiency in covering wide area surveillance. Each individual sensor provides a single output and can be positioned independently based on the requirements of the scene. This type of camera is ideal for reducing the clutter of multiple cameras, decreases total cost of ownership and offers a more customizable, flexible solution.

Recommended scenarios: Intersecting hallways, multiple targeted monitoring points

Unstitched Multi-sensor Cameras

  • 2x2MP IR Dual-sensor Dome Network Camera

  • Multi-flex™ 4x2MP Network Camera

  • Multi-flex™ 4x5MP Network Camera


Sample Image from 8x2MP 360° Multi-sensor Panoramic + 2MP PTZ

Stitched Multi-sensor Technology

Multi-sensor cameras with stitched image technology are ideal for capturing busy, wide area surveillance. Dahua Multi-sensor options include three, four or eight single sensor cameras that are precisely aligned in a single housing for a 180º seamless image, without blind spots. Since operators are tasked with monitoring multiple cameras at once, stitched Multi-sensor camera technology increases efficiency and effectiveness as scenes are easier to view compared to switching focus between cameras.

Recommended Scenarios: Large heavy traffic areas such as stadiums, shopping malls or city surveillance.

Stitched Multi-sensor Cameras

  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Bullet

  • 4x2MP IR 180° Multi-sensor Panoramic Network Dome

  • 8 x 2MP Multi-sensor Panoramic + PTZ Network Camera


Sample image from 12MP IR 360° Panoramic IP Fisheye

Fisheye Technology

Fisheye cameras are ideal for capturing small to mid-size scenes without blind spots at a 180º or 360° field of view. Dahua fisheye cameras feature a single CMOS sensor with resolution choices of 5MP, 8MP, and 12MP compact housing options. Fisheye cameras use a special fisheye or panomorphic lens to produce video that has a circular shape and optically distorted. As a result, the image has to be dewarped in order for humans to make sense of the data; dewarping can be done on the software side. Fisheye cameras are designed to replace multiple single-sensor cameras providing a higher return on investment for your security dollars.

Recommended scenarios: Open spaces such as retail stores, lobbies, classrooms

Fisheye Camera

  • 12MP IR 360° Panoramic Network Fisheye with Analytics+

  • 12MP Network Fisheye Camera (for Mobile Applications)

  • 5MP 360° Panoramic Fisheye Network Camera (Outdoor)

  • 5MP 360° Panoramic IR Fisheye Network Camera (Indoor)

  • 5MP Network Fisheye Camera (for Mobile Applications)

  • 8MP IR 360° Panoramic Network Fisheye with Analytics+


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