256CH Intelligent Video Surveillance Server

The Dahua Intelligent Video Surveillance Server Series (IVSS) combines Deep Learning algorithms, a powerful Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and an advanced Network Video Recorder (NVR) into an all-in-one Analytics+ server. Dahua built the IVSS series from the ground-up as a dedicated analytic surveillance server that eliminates the complications of browser updates, incompatible camera plug-ins, incompatible flash memory, and outdated Web technology.

The integrated GPU module and advanced deep learning algorithms perform powerful video structure analysis, achieve precision human facial analysis, and support 16 channels of real-time face detection. In addition, IVS offers perimeter protection on 32 channels, a feature that can distinguish between human and vehicular objects as they cross a defined tripwire or enter/exit a specific area in the scene.

IVSS offers advanced features to customize the powerful Dahua Analytics for different applications. For example, facial feature filtering displays only those faces that meet target criteria and Stranger Mode detects a face not stored in the database and triggers an alarm, takes a snapshot, or records the face for further scrutiny. The IVSS is ideal for applications that require entrance/exit management, where knowing who is coming and going is a valuable asset.

  • Intel Quad-core Processor
  • Maximum 512 Mbps Incoming Bandwidth
  • 256 IP Channel Video Access
  • Analytics+ Functions – Face Detection+ on 16 Channels or Perimeter Protection on 32 Channels or a Combination of the Two
  • Stranger Mode
  • Supports RAID 0/1/5/6/10
  • SAS 3.0 for Storage Extension
  • Three (3) HDMI and One (1) VGA Video Outputs
  • Redundant Power
  • 5-year Warranty (for products sold through an authorized Dahua dealer)