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Cutting-Edge Bird Watching: Dahua Donates Camera to Bald Eagle Habitat

By | March 1, 2019

Video surveillance is used for more than just safety and security: users are discovering that high-resolution images and user-friendly features make surveillance cameras a valuable asset for all sorts of applications. A cattle ranch in Manatee County, Florida found that a Dahua PTZ was the perfect way to observe eagles without disturbing their habitat.

When Hurricane Irma pummeled Florida in 2017, Victoria and Nicholas, a pair of American bald eagles, watched their nest get destroyed. Undeterred, they began building a new nest in a tree right next to the old one. The ranchers on whose property the eagles lived were so inspired by this show of dedication that they decided to install cameras nearby to share the eagles’ story with the world. They reached out to Jens Buff, Security Consultant with Rapid Security Solutions, for support, and he contacted Dahua. Dahua donated a 4MP 30x IP PTZ, which was mounted to a tree in order to observe the nest up close.

But disaster struck yet again! In 2018 “an unnamed storm, unexpected and unseasonable, blew through our area with pounding rain and ferocious winds,” stated the Eagle Country YouTube page. “Sadly… [the eagles’] nest was blown to the ground in pieces again! We wondered if they would relocate, but this was Nicholas and Victoria. The very next day they began to rebuild… the cameras we placed after Irma were not destroyed and we are able to watch this incredible story continue.”

Dozens of YouTube videos, as well as a live feed, give viewers a rare glimpse into the day-to-day lives of these majestic birds. Whether they’re incubating eggs, eating dinner, cleaning house, or fending off intruders, their activities are captured in clear video both day and night. The camera’s true day/night IR cut filter and Smart IR allow for crisp nighttime images without “whitening out” as the eagles get close to the camera. True WDR preserves the image in the direct sunlight that’s unavoidable at the top of a tree in the Sunshine State. The easy-to-use PTZ features let the ranchers follow the eagle’s actions without bothering them by manually repositioning the camera. “Dahua’s PTZ was the perfect choice to view one of life’s most beautiful creations living in nature,” Mr. Buff remarked.

Check out the Eagle Country YouTube page to see Nicholas and Victoria in action. (“Eagle Country LIVE Nest Cam” utilizes the Dahua PTZ)

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