EOL: IP Residential Apartment Outdoor Station

The DHI-VTO1210B-X Outdoor Station enables tenants to view and talk with visitors and remotely unlock doors from an in-unit color indoor monitor. Each outdoor station includes a built-in 13.56 MHz MIFARE® card access reader to allow tenants to securely gain access through exterior doors. The outdoor station is designed for multi-tenant apartment applications up to 200 units.

Model Number: DHI-VTO1210B-X Categories: ,


  • 1.3 MP Wide Angle Camera with Night Vision
  • Built-in Microphone with Two-way Talk
  • Records Call Sessions from the Indoor Monitor
  • Performs Door Unlock by Card or Remotely Using SmartPSS
  • Supports Secure Password Entry
  • Tempered Glass Panel can be Flush-mounted
  • IP65 Ingress Protection