EOL: Elevator Master Access Controller

The DHI-ASC2204C-H is a master controller to manage elevator control modules. The controller supports the RS-485 interface which allows for flexible reader integrations and web service can be used to configure sub-controllers. The controller can issue alarms in the case of events such as tampering, intrusion, timeout, duress, invalid card, and incorrect passwords.

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  • Manages Up to Eight (8) Elevator Control Lifts (DHI-VTM416)
  • Supports TCP/IP, RS-485, and Wiegand Protocols
  • Stores 1,000 Users and 200,000 Card-swipe Records
  • Issues Alarms for Tampering, Intrusion, Timeout, Duress, Invalid Card, and Incorrect Password
  • Supports Built-in RTC, Manual Time-fixing, and Automatic Time-fixing
  • Enables Anti-passback and Multi-door Interlock to Control Traffic in High-security Applications
  • Supports Watchdog Mechanism to Ensure Operation Stability

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