DSS Pro Video Management System

DSS Pro v8 has seven applications for managing your security system: Monitoring Center for live viewing and playback; Event Center for real-time and historical events; DeepXplore for searching data faster; Access Management for access control, video intercom, visitor management, and attendance management; Maintenance Center for checking the health of the platform; Parking Lot for managing entrance and exit of vehicles; and Intelligent Analysis for business related needs.

DSS Professional is a centralized management system designed to be used in various applications such as parks, chain stores, and logistics and can scale to future needs. The software supports up to 2,000 channels, 1,000 doors and 400 TB storage capacity per server but can expand up to 20,000 channels and 4 PB storage capacity through a more distributed architecture.

For enterprise applications, its architecture supports hot standby and N + M redundancy enabling failover servers if the primary server goes offline. DSS Pro supports customized integration of other systems and devices such as SDK and API as well as ONVIF for integration with other 3rd party cameras on the market.

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  • Digital Surveillance System Professional Video Management System
  • Integrates All Management Functions into One Client
  • Allows Device Initialization and Management
  • Live Video Playback from Edge Device
  • Supports Access Control and Video Intercom Integration
  • Configure Video Wall Layout and Scheme
  • Offers Fisheye Camera Dewarping on Live View
  • Offers Facial Detection+ and Search on Live View